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Rwanda Art Museum Guide

Rwanda Art Museum is known as the country's sole museum of contemporary art. The museum works to provide an insight into the originality of Rwandan creativity. It considers how traditional and modern imaginations can blend and fuse.


International Museum days raise awareness of the importance of the museums and Rwanda Art Museum is one of the most important means of cultural exchange and enrichment of cultures.


Location: Kanombe, about four kilometers away from the Kigali International Airport.

Opening Hours: Daily from 8 am to 6 pm (closed on 7th April and from 11am to 6pm on the last Saturday of every month.

Fast Checks about Rwanda Art Museum 


  • Rwanda Art Museum is one among eight museums that form the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.
  • Previously, the museum served as the Presidential Palace Museum.
  • The launch of the museum is a global celebration to the locals which is on every May 18th.
  • The museum includes a lot of great artworks that were acquired from different Rwandan artists.
  • The total amount of artworks in the museum is around 127 artworks produced by 51 different artists on the museum walls.

Why to Visit Rwanda Art Museum 


Rwanda Art Museum is a meeting place for various forms of arts, where visitors have the opportunity to enrich their experience and get to see a lot of great works done by Rwanda’s artists. 


It is a place that displays not only contemporary artworks by Rwandan artists but international artists as well. The museum aims to be a place where artists meet and exchange ideas.


It’s also a place for inspiration for every visitor, where they can exchange the experience between local artists and international artists. It's not only to show their great work but also to sell it.


The museum also has a kids studio, a place where children can sit and use different materials such as paints to express their different views and talents.


Aside from the permanent exhibition, Rwanda Art Museum also hosts temporary and moving arts exhibitions.