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Majestic Rusumo Falls

Natural attractions are widespread all over the African continent however few are able to express beauty and tell a story at the same time and The historic rusmo fall is definitely an exception to that rule.

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Rusmo falls is a breathtaking waterfall and is one of the more distant headwaters of the Nile River. 


Besides being one if not the most rapidly growing countries in the ebony continent with a thriving economy, developing infrastructure and transportation, Rwanda does not lack in the nature department with one of those natural attractions being the Rusumo Falls. 


Location: Kagera river right on the border between Rwanda and Tanzania

Size: 15 meters high and 40 meters wide

History & Significance


Although the waterfall might seem insignificant when compared to the other aquatic wonders across the continent, it has played a crucial part in the history of Rwanda. 


The falls were the first welcoming committee to the Europeans that arrived in Rwanda back in 1984 as although the country was part of the German East Africa since 1885 but no European had ventured to the country until 1984. 


The falls also acted as an entry point for the Belgians when they occupied the country in the events of world war 1. 


The river however gained international notoriety with the events of the 1994 Rowanda genocide where due to the fact draining water from all areas of Rwanda except the far west which leads to the bodies resulting from the massacre to be carried by the river. 


Despite that unfortunate event the falls are now a vivid tourist attraction and help provide a renewable energy source as a result of the regional Rusumo falls hydropower project.

Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project


The Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RRFP) is a hydropower project run by the Governments of Republic of Burundi and Republic of Rwanda and United Republic of Tanzania through a commonly owned Rusumo Power Company (RPCL).


The three governments entered the joint development through a Tripartite Agreement  which was signed on 16th February, 2012. 


The project is situated at Rusumo Falls, at the common border of Rwanda and Tanzania on River Kagera, whereas the power production facilities are located on the south side of the bank of the Kagera River in Tanzania. The substation is located on the northern side of the bank of the river in Rwanda.

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