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Udzungwa Mountains National Park

One of the best national parks located in Tanzania is Udzungwa Mountains National Park, with the size of 1,990 km squared, it includes a lot of national habitats such as tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland, and steppe.

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One of the best national parks located in Tanzania is Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Sized by 1,990 km squares, it includes a lot of national habitats such as tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, steppe. and grassland. 


Udzungwa Mountains National Park is considered one of the most kept gems you can include while being on a Tanzania Safari. 

All You Need to Know About Udzungwa National Park




Udzungwa Mountains National Park is five hours (350 km/215 miles) from Dar es Salaam; 65 kms (40 miles) southwest of Mikumi.


Climate & Best Time to Visit


The best time to visit the park is during the dry season which lasts from the cooler June to the warmer October. 


Udzungwa Mountains National Park also has a rainy season. The rainy season takes place from March to May. The precipitation can make the roads quite slippery. 


During the rainy season is when visitors can spot the many delightful butterflies thriving within the park. Due to the effects of heavy rainfall on the woodland, your activities may be influenced. 




Accommodation within the park is only possible for camping basis as there are no lodges within the park borders, there is also a couple of guesthouses nearby providing a convenient budget option.

Flora and Fauna 


The park’s biodiversity is one of the most special features of Tanzania. . It has the second largest biodiversity of a national park in Africa. Udzungwa Mountains National Park has 2500 plant species and 6 primate species and more than 400 bird species. 


There were six unique species found in Udzungwa Mountains National Park. The Iringa red colobus and Sanje crested mangabey are only found in this park. 


Mammals in the park include leopards, elephants, bush bucks, duikers, palm civets, Miombo genets, elephant shrews and hyenas. 


Over 400 of bird species can be found in the park. Some of them are endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains and four of them are found only in Udzungwa. Some other common birds include  crowned eagles, malachite kingfishers, ruppell's vultures, marabous, woodland kingfishers, silvery cheeked hornbills and trumpeter hornbills.

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Things to Do at Udzungwa Mountains National Park


1- Hiking 


The park is well known for its hiking activities, besides trekking, mountain climbing and forest walks. You can access the park only on your feet, giving you the chance to explore the mountain secrets and enjoy adventure. 


There you can enjoy the wildlife of the Udzungwa forest with the forest canopy shielding you from the sun heat. It is a great way to observe elephants, monkeys, birds, duikers and elephant shrews.  


2- Night at the Camp


Spend the night at the camp and enjoy music performances. The experience is truly atmospheric. With the support and encouragement of Hondo Hondo, a small group of farmers have formed a drumming group that performs a traditional “Ngoma,” meaning drum in KiSwahili. 


The group also performs at celebrations, the weddings and at the end of the harvest season. Some of the music performances are instrumental, whistles, percussion and some wind instruments with a very energetic rhythm. 


3- Local Activities


One of the local activities is cycling. Bring your own bike or rent a bike. There is a variety of bike sizes for all ages. Within the national park, there are no cycling trails, however, the valley provides a great deal of cycling terrain that is full of things to see.


You can combine other activities along with cycling such as rubber plantation, village tour. You can go with one of the guides to explore the local rural villages, and have a great chance for photography and interaction with the traditional Tanzanian life.


4- Overnight Adventure


Canoe down the Kilombero River, in a canoe bird, and hippo watching and exploring the real pleasures of remoteness. Located on the banks of the Kilombero River, 4 hours from the  Ifakara with the breathtaking Kilombero sunset and the river and dining in style.