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Zika Forest

The Zika Forest also known as the Ziika Forest is a tropical forest near Entebbe in Uganda.
Definition of Ziika is overgrown in the Luganda language, the forest covers around 25 hectares (62 acres) and its easy to access combining several ecosystems, it has a rich variety in plants and moths as it’s the home to about 40 types of mosquitoes.

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The Zika Forest also spelled as the Ziika, is a tropical forest near Entebbe in Uganda. Know more about Zika Virus and things to do in Zika Forest. 


Interesting Facts 


  • Ziika means “overgrown” in the Luganda language.
  • The name Zika has been made after the awareness of Zika Virus, involved in a growing number of outbreaks around the globe that started from 2007.
  • Famous Figures in Zika Forest: Former U.S President Jimmy Carter once visited Zika Forest for bird watching as it has an extraordinary species of birds.
  • Zika is home to the very well known Uganda Virus Research Institute that is responsible for researching the insects that carry diseases. 

Zika Virus


The Zika virus was named after the forest where it first came from. It was first discovered in a monkey stationed at Zika back in 1960. It spreads by daytime active Aedes Africanus Mosquito. The virus is linked to the microcephaly which is a birth defect disorder. However, the area now is free from the virus. 


The infection often causes no or only mild symptoms that are similar to a form of dengue fever, there is no specific treatment paracetamol and rest helps with the symptoms.


Investigations about the mosquitoes started in 1946 at Zika as part of a study of human yellow fever by the Yellow Fever Research Institute, also known as (Uganda Virus Research Institute).


About Zika Forest 


Being a  must-visit forest in Uganda, Zika Forest Uganda covers around 25 hectares (62 acres) and it's easy to access combining several ecosystems. 


The forest is home to numerous bio diversity of swamps, full of crocodiles, grasslands as well as forest types, spreading to Lake Victoria. The forest includes 140 kinds of woody plants, 60  moth types, 35 saturniid.  There are also leopards, snakes, mosquitoes and monkeys. 

What to Do in Zika Forest 


Being close to Entebbe international Airport, Zika Forest should be on the main list of places to visit on your Uganda Safari. 


Bird Watching


Zika Forest is one of many small forests in Uganda that has mature trees, which makes it a perfect spot to witness birds from Entebbe Road. Many of the bird watching enthusiasts said that the forest is a great experience when it comes to birdwatching. 


Picnic Holiday 


Zika offers visitors a chance to take a break from Entebbe and Kampala’s bustling life. It is a perfect spot for a picnic holiday with family and friends. 




Zika Forest is located along Entebbe town in Uganda. It is 25km away from Kampala city.

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