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St Mary Egypt Orthodox Church

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Location :

It is situated in Maadi area on the East River bank of the Nile

Why was it built ?

This church was built as a dedication for the Virgin Mary, it was the place where the holy family started their trip to Upper Egypt by boat.

Explanation :

There were many names for this place during the history. At the beginning, it was known as Meniet El Sudan, then Bustan El Adawia, El Martouti which were greek words that mean " The Mother of the Logos" . However, the name of El Adawia Monastery has been repeated throughout the years and is still mentioned in Publications up till now. This church is further identified by the the Virgin's Church of the Ferry. In fact, the recent name of that modern suburb, Maadi, is derived from the Arabic word which means "the Crossing Point".

From outside the church, there are three ancient domes, located at the east above the three altars. Then you will find an entrance which lead by a corridor to the Church itself. Then to the Nave which contains many ancient icons, the altar screen and an ancient well of water, then to the Chapel which contains a general Icon of St.Mary, the Holy Bible which was found floating on the River Nile by the ancient steps and four caskets containing relics of saints. There is also the Baptistery, ancient Tunnel. There are also in the east Northen building of the Church Ministry which contains; the conference and meeting rooms, Library, Audio visual Aids, Church Council Room and the guest room for pope and Bishops. This Church contains the main thing the church built for, which is the Steps used by the holy family. It is believed that this church has been used by the Holy Family who were accessible to pilgrims through the church's courtyard.

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It is said that a miraculous nature occurred on Friday the 3rd of the Coptic month of Baramhat - the 12th of March - 1976 . A Holy Book was carried by the lapping ripples of the Nile to the bank below the church. It was open to the page of Isaiah declaring, " Blessed be Egypt my people ". The Bible is now behind glass in the sanctuary of the Virgin in the church for all to see.