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Ultimate Zanzibar Beach Guide

Tanzania is overfilled with jaw-dropping attractions but little match the beauty of the turquoise, pristine, Magnificant shores of Zanzibar and its more than beautiful aquamarine life.

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Tanzania is riddled with jaw-dropping attractions but little matches the beauty of the turquoise, pristine, magnificent shores of Zanzibar. Zanzibar comprises not a single island but an Archipelago in the Indian Ocean 20 to 50 klicks aka kilometers. 


Where did the people of Zanzibar come from? 


The mesmerizing islands of Zanzibar hold within them a collage of several different ethnicities with the ancestors of the first inhibitors of the island being the ancestors of the Bantu Hadimu and the Tumbatu. 


What is the Language of Zanzibar?


As for the language spoken in Zanzibar, it is Swahili which is a Bantu language that is extensively spoken across the African Great Lakes Region. 


What is the Climate like in Zanzibar?


As for the Climate  Zanzibar enjoys the heat of the summer climate that is often cooled by strong sea breezes often intertwined with the northeast monsoon however bearing closer to the equator the climate becomes pretty warmer.

How to Choose the Best Beach in Zanzibar?


Zanzibar is more than a stopping point. Normally, after taking a safari trip to Tanzania, one should head to relax and chill a little. Zanzibar is the best option for that. It is highlighted for its amazing beaches that meet everyone’s needs, Here is our Zanzibar beaches guide for you! 


1. Bwejuu Beach (Relaxation)

Ultimate Zanzibar Beach Guide

Lined with palm trees, Bwejuu is one of the top beaches in Zanzibar for its white sandy beach on the island’s southeast coast. Bwejuu beach is one of the quietest parts of Zanzibar. It is a popular choice for total relaxation, peace and privacy. 


There are a variety of activities to do around the area, including a mangrove forest and dhow boat trip, a reef safari, snorkelling and diving, a visit to the local village of Bwejuu, a visit to Stone Town, or a day trip to the Jozani Forest, home to the Red Colobus Monkey.


2. Michamvi Beach (Remote Coral Lagoon)


Michamvi is a peninsula situated on the central east coast of the island. Michamvi feels remote and has long stretches of empty beaches to explore. However, there are two large beach resorts in the area. The peninsula consists of two parts, Michamvi-Pingwe on the eastern side, and Michamvi-Kae on the western side.


Michamvi-Pingwe is highlighted with a vibrant coral lagoon and beautiful palm-fringed beaches set in a string of scenic coves between high coral-rag cliffs while Michamvi-Kae faces west towards Chwaka Bay.

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3. Nungwi Beach (Nightlife Lovers Beach)

Ultimate Zanzibar Beach Guide

On the northwest coast lies Nungwi beach which is one of the most beautiful Zanzibar beaches. It is definitely one of the largest beaches with many things to offer like   the numerous beach resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars. 


The Nungwi coast has amazing coral reefs, ideal for diving and snorkelling. You might get to see dolphins, green turtles and, at certain times of the year, whale sharks. A sunset cruise on a traditional dhow sailing boat is a must, as the beach has some of the best sunsets in Zanzibar.


4. Kendwa Beach (Beautiful Sunset and Swimming)

Ultimate Zanzibar Beach Guide

Kendwa Beach,  referred to as the “little sister” of Nungwi Beach, is much quieter than its sibling in the north. It is one of the few beaches where the tide doesn’t  change,providing clear waters for swimming, snorkelling and diving. You can spot colorful starfish and enjoy the legendary sunset at Kendwa. The beach comes alive in a new way at night with relaxed beach parties.


5. Kizimkazi Beach (Dolphin Safaris)


On the south coast, this small village consists of two settlements, Kizimkazi Dimbani to the north and Kizimkazi Mkunguni to the south. The coastline here is different from the classic  palm-backed lagoon compared to the east coast. Here, a coral rag cliff elevates the waterfront above the ocean, besides, the beaches take the form of small coves. For this reason, there are fewer accommodation options in the area.


Kizimkazi village is well known for its dolphin safaris. Take the chance and have a boat trip where you can swim with the dolphins. 

6. Matemwe Beach (Snorkeling and Scuba Diving)


Matemwe beach lies on the northeast of Zanzibar. The longest of Zanzibar beaches has some of the finest sand on the island. Here, you can find traditional fishing villages. Two kilometers offshore, beyond the main reef, lies the  world-famous island of Mnemba Atoll. It is a scuba diving spot, surrounded by pristine and very accessible coral reefs. The area has the best diving and snorkeling on the whole island. 

7. Pongwe Beach (Tropical Paradise and Calm Waters for Swimming)


It is argued that Pongwe beach is the best swimming beach in Zanzibar. It is potted with palm trees and backed by dense vegetation. The whole beach of Pongwe is protected by an offshore reef, keeping the inner waters calm and safe for all to swim in. Snorkelling and boat trips can also be arranged to the reef for you.

8. Paje Beach (Kitesurfing & Diving)


Located on the southeast coast, Paje beach is a perfect beach. It has it all from long stretches of white sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze to turquoise waters and exquisite sunsets. It is quiet and peaceful, making it a great alternative to the busier beaches in the north. After the sunset, the beach turns into a lively party spot, but with maintaining a relaxing atmosphere.


Paje beach is famous for its water sports and kitesurfing conditions, driving amateur and professional kitesurfers from all over the world. 


As the reefs offshore are home to turtles, starfish, trumpet fish, moray eels and other colourful marine creatures, the warm and clear waters are great for scuba diving. 


You might also witness local women collecting seaweed to make soap. The products are wrapped in banana leaf and can be purchased at local shops. It is great to buy a bar or two, as the soap’s natural ingredients are incredibly good for the skin.

People also ask:

1-  In which Country is Zanzibar? 
Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa.

2-   How far is Zanzibar from Tanzania?
The distance between Zanzibar and Tanzania is about 477.32 km equal to 296.59 miles.

3-  Which ocean is Zanzibar in?
Zanzibar is in the Indian Ocean.

4-  Which side of Zanzibar is better?
The North Coast is probably the most known and loved side of Zanzibar for tourists.


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