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Lake Nasser Fishing

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Since the construction of the dam an entirely new attraction has developed in the waters of Lake Nasser. The depth and size of the lake have allowed several species of fish that live in the Nile system to thrive and grow to unprecedented sizes. The result is a nascent sport fishing industry where visitors come for the chance to catch some of the biggest fresh water fish anywhere in the world. Outfitters take anglers out on daytrips, but longer excursions are more popular, allowing the boats to reach remote areas to fish in private. Fishing is done from small boats, as well as from shore.

The primary target is Nile perch, which grow huge in the depths of the lake. The current record for a fish caught on tackle is over 500 pounds. The outfitters report that fish of over 150 pounds are caught regularly, promising most anglers with a good chance at the largest catch of their lifetime. Anglers also go after several other species. Nile catfish grow very large in the lake as well and there are also the smaller, but exciting Tigerfish, which grow up to a size of around 30 pounds. Despite their relatively small size, they put up a strong and acrobatic fight. Most outfitters are prepared to host fishermen using traditional tackle as well as those that favor fly fishing.