You would think that 2023 was not an easy one, yet the Chritmas and Holidays season is still here opens the gate for the better part of the year. November, December, along with millions of twinkling lights and the winter snow flakes are about to happily cover the corners. 

Lets Pack and Go back to the strolling here and there, and never miss the Holidays celebrations around the world!


Explore the Top 13 Christmas Places and Vacation ideas for a Special celebration:


1. Paris, France


From mid-November, the city of Love, Paris, lights the celebrations lights  up welcoming the Holidays Season. Trees, lights and colourful decorations are twinkling all across the city and on the top shining the Champs Elysées. Pairs would give you the best experince during the Christmas and New Years Eve season through a sightseeing bus tour for all the city attractions and celebrations. 

Your festive visit to Paris, can gift you the dreamy shopping experince you ever wished for. Stores and retails are dressed up with a glamrous theme featuring feature lights, animations, music, snow and sparkle and more. 
Dont miss to light your Instagram with moments you catsch with the gaint decorated tress and ornments at Le Printemps, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, BHV Marais, etc.



2. Budapest, Hungary


Want to get your Fairy-tale dreams real? Then Budapest is your destination for Christmas 2023. From November and along the coming 6 weeks, millions of lightbulbs are lighting all the way in the city. The unmissable display of Vörösmarty Square should be on your list, along with the old city squares with their sightseeing and landmarks including Váci utca and the surrounding smaller streets, Erzsébet Square, Parliament Park, Andrássy Avenue between Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street and Oktogon, Liszt Ferenc Square, as well as Batthyány and Clark Ádám squares.


Again with Vörösmarty Square, the oldest square market and The famous Christmas fair, with more than 100 stalls and retailers awaits your visit on a daily bases from 10 am to 8 pm for shopping with food, Christmas ornaments, gifts, and more in an authentic Hungarian style for celebrating the occasion. 


Enjoy the city tour with the magical winter tram, tram line 2, runs from early December to late January,  passing by the whole city, Budapest, enjoying the lights and decorations of the different celebration spots. 

Pro Tip: Service of the magical tram stops on December 24th and 31st.



3. New York City, USA


Attasted Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?  Don't leave until the end as Saint Clause is coming to announce the beginning of the Christmas season and holiday celebrations. 
Randed as on the Top festive cities in the world, New York City is lighting up and well-dressed with decorations and ornaments welcoming the visitors during the holiday time. Enjoy the snow covering the city and turning it into a new white part of heaven, put on layers and layers, its freezing!. The skating in Rockefeller Plaza's experience is unmissable. Rent your skat for $12 and pay the entrance fees  $25 for adults, Kids and Seniors are $11, then enjoy the day in a year with the Christmas snow. 

As for the iconic ornamented tree, the whole city is celebrating so don't forget to capture photos as much as your Instagram love, especially in Rockefeller Center.  Enjoy the 30-minute ride in Central Park with a carriage holds up to 4 adults touring the city in 45 Minutes. 
Christmas Shopping would be the highlight of New York at that time of the year. Pay Union Square Holiday Market a visit from mid-November to December 24th.and enjoy the variety throughout 100 booths and more. 

For family Christmas vacation, dont miss New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show covering over half a mile of train tracks, and costs  $30 for adults and $18 for children. 



4. Lapland, Finland


Thinking about Lapland Finland or Finnish Lapland for a unique Christmas destination for 2023? You made the right choice! 
in Lapland Finland, the winter blues that extended for days and sometimes weeks would be the perfect environment for the Christmas Lights and ornaments that are filling the way around, where happiness is scatered in every corner. 
As for Finland, from Helsinki to Levi, Christmas markets are held from September until Febrauary, offering the world best Christmas markets you can see ever. 
Skating over the snow covering the city is incomparable to any other city around the world. After that, having a warm meal and drink in one of the city hotels and restaurant with the Christmas decorations and music would make you a night for a life. 



5. Moscow, Russia


Forget the average temperature, we need the snowy one for an ultimate Christmas thrill. Here is Moscow, lighting up for the Holiday season. 
Christmas in Moscow sounds different somehow, as we usually celebrate Christmas on the 25 December however it falls around the first week of January according to the Gregorian calendar, so rearrange your schedule for Russia trips for Christmas 2023. 
Mark the 22 December in Moscow with the kick off for the Christmas and holiday celebrations in different festive events across the city in shows, theatres, halls, and more.  You can't miss the Ice Theatre At Novopushkinsky Public Garden with the ice ballet performances of famous plays like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Cipollino. 


The Christmas shopping experience would be the best with Moskva Fair On Tverskaya Ploshchad with hundreds of stalls and booths for souvenirs and authentic Russian products.  On the other side, Kremlin Russian Christmas Market would have lots of products you will love to get during the Holiday season, pay it a visit for your enjoyment. Dorogomilovsky Christmas Market is also here, you will love to pass by, where you will enjoy the traditional Christmas dishes of the country such as  meats, kholodets, pies, pierogies, kalachi, blinis, kompots, kissel, and many types of sweet dishes.

Photos and captured moments with the family, partners, or even a solo-shining photo got its place with the display of Red Square Christmas Tree.  



6. Japanese Alps, Japan


Missed the Valentine's Day of the year? Well, you missed nothing, as the Christmas Day of Japan is similarly coping with the Valentine's Day. Its time for family and partners for dinners, good food and drink, gifts, and of course the decorated streets and cities are shining with lights. 
Christmas in Japan rituals and traditions acted within the sweetness of The Japanese Christmas cake or “kurisumasu keki” that symbolizing the prosperity after  Japan rose from the ruins of World War II. The Christmas Markets and fairs of Japan are also there in every corner, such as the Hibiya Park Market, where you can get the traditional ornamented trees and gifts . 

The famous Tokyo Disneyland has a special and super festive celebration for the Christmas season. With fireworks and themed decorations, lights, candy giveaways, and more to the international park visitors during the Christmas time.



7. Reykjavik, Iceland


However, December is the darkest time of the year in Iceland, yet the Christmas lights and the appearance of The Northern Lights make it the best time of the year as well. 
I the country with more than 13 Santa Clauses, Enjoy the most delicious food and most skating over the snow within the celebrations lasts for 26 days (from the 11th of December until the 6th of January). 
Reykjavík, as well as the whole country, are dressed up with the fantastic lights and ornaments along with the famous Christmas markets offering the best collections of the Icelandic Christmas food and souvenirs for the visitors. 



8. Tromsø, Norway


Looking for the Best Christmassy vibes around the Arctic Circle. The Aurora Borealis – the green lights - is lightning te city when the whole place is dark, where no single sun ray reaches this part of the world. From November to December, Except for the 24th to the 26th of December when almost everything is closed, you can enjoy every single mile across the town. Christmas Markets and Fairs are held with the country's products, Music carols, and lights everywhere.



9. Berlin, Germany


Cold-Fresh air, Lights, decorations and Santa Claus is celebrating the Holidays! Where you can find better Christmas?
Christmas Markets and fairs are filling the city with festive products, such as the Bröhan Museum market, and the Weihnachtsrodeo, and Spandau’s Christmas market which is known as the best market to known in town. Get all the treats and sweets you want along with the souvenirs and gifts.

As for the city attractions, Berlin’s Botanical Gardens opened its gates with the festive decorations and light arrangments glowing up your Christmas. Alexanderplatz Funfair, 



10. Salzburg, Austria


Seeking something different for Christmas 2023? Then lets head to the oldest market in Salzburg, The Christmas Market on Cathedral Square, with so many booths and stalls for gifts and authentic products of the city. Making a city walk inside Salzburg would let you go through a fairy-tale filled with social and cultural events of folk music and performances.



11. Zürich, Switzerland

The city that shines with nightlife and shopping, hunt the opportunity to make the city a full tour during Christmas time. 
The Christmas season starts from the end of November until the last times of December with lights, across the old town streets with the Christmas markets filled with a plethora of food, drinks, gifts, and more. 



12. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

What's better than an English Christmas?! Edinburgh would give you a cross-cultural essence of England and Old Scotland, Give your Christmas celebration a special taste and enjoy the white days in Edinburgh. The city is fully decorated and lighted, Christmas Markets being held and hot meals are well prepared. Churches carols voices refilling the city with the scene of children writing their wishes for Saint Clause.  



13. Copenhagen, Denmark


By the side of Resturants, Chritmas Markets and Ice skating over the snow covering the city, visit the city attractions From the National Museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to the Experimentarium. Also, Enjoy the traditional Christmas lunches in local restaurants.


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