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Wadi Al Shab Oman

Wadi Al Shab Oman Information


Where is Wadi Shab located?

“Wadi Al Shab” is located in Tiwi, part of Sur in Al Sharqiyah South Governorate. It is easily accessible from Muscat; it lies 140 kilometers from Muscat on the Qurayat – Sur Coastal Road. Freshwater cascading from tops of the mountains meet the briny seawater on its banks,


creating an environmental diversity unique to this wadi, and making it stand on a pedestal of its own when compared with the other wadis in the Sultanate.


“Wadi Al Shab” also pronounced as Wadi Shab or Wadi Shaab,  is one of the most famous valleys in Oman, and its water descends from the highest mountains of Bani Jaber and it has abundant water.


Why Wadi Shab Oman is popular?

This wadi is definitely very popular and it gets very busy during public holidays with many families having a picnic at the entrance of the wadi, so best to avoid it during that time if you don’t like crowded wadis.


Distinguished on the coastal road linking Qurayyat to Tiwi, this valley combined beautiful coastal nature with mountain formations that embrace many tourist attractions.


What is special about Wadi Shab?

“Wadi Al Shab” is one of the most popular wadis in Oman. You can enjoy hiking and swimming in the freshwater pools and the adventurous journey.  You can only meander through certain areas by boat, or take pleasure in a refreshing hike through this mountainous region or just to have a barbecue.


What distinguishes this valley is the freshwater descending from the highest mountains that mix with the saltwater of the sea, as a result of the valley is close to the sea, which in turn helped to find unique features for it other than the other valleys.


As for the rock formations of this valley, they differ from those in the world, as the waters and various erosion factors have carved wonderful artistic scenes in it.


Best attractions and things to do in Wadi Shab 


You can do a lot of exciting activities here, as you can enjoy hiking and swimming in the freshwater pools and the adventurous journey. You can also hangout through certain areas there that would be very enjoyable with the good weather. Also, one of the thrilling activities is hiking in mountainous areas or do a barbecue. 

This valley has an archaeological history, which found the circular huts of fishermen dating back to the fourth millennium BC were found with indicators the practice of fishing craft in this era.


Is there Hiking in Wadi Shab?

The sound of water in this region produces a wonderful natural symphony, in harmony with the sound of birds on the trees there, which increases the beauty of the view.


You don’t need a 4-wheel drive to get to the wadi as it just off the Muscat to Sharqiyah highway and you get to it by passing through Tiwi village, you can just park your car and start your hike.

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