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Wadi Damm

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Wadi Damm is one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman. Featuring clear blue waters, the place is also gifted with an awesome landscape,  and a few very old historical landmarks. 



Wadi Damm is situated near Al Ayn village, Wilayat Ibri, Al Dhahirah region of Oman. It is about 45 km from Ibri city.




Wadi Damm is a seasonal wadi, which is dry almost all the year. It highly relies on the rain that gathers in its water ponds.


How to Get There


The wadi is situated quite far from Muscat. However, it is worth the effort of going all the way. 


To get there, take the road towards Nizwa and keep going on the highway for about 206 km. Pass by Nizwa and afterwards exit towards Amlah and Al Ayn. Then, you are on the main track to follow all the way to the Wadi Damm.

The Track


The wadi starts pretty much after the dam, then you have to walk over huge and super smooth rocks. 


The walk is not tough but pay attention especially if the rocks are wet. Its special rocky formations are sculpted by erosion, despite the small amount of water stored in its stream during the dry season.


After about a 5-10 minutes walk you will reach a place where you have to pull yourself through the rocks using a provided rope. There are also very interesting holes in the rocks as well as some white lines which makes you wonder how that all happened. 


The standard things you need for a wadi: four wheel drive car is a must, sun-screen, food and snacks, plenty of drinking water and slippers or sturdy water-proof footwear.


Enjoy on the Road: On your drive between Kubarah to Damm Village, you will notice some beehive tombs that resemble the ones at Bat Necropolis; they are probably part of Al Ayn necropolis. You can also visit Ibri Castle.



Things to Do 


There are many things to enjoy and many pictures to capture. On your way from Muscat you can make a stop in Nizwa, the former capital of the Sultanate. 


As you keep going, you will find Bahla just close to the highway, with its magnificent fort and magic stories. Right after entering the main track, you must visit the Tombs from Al Ayn. 


You can also enjoy hiking, swimming and exploring the pools, walking around. Lastly, take a bath and enjoy the clearest blue water in the Hajars.

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