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Wadi Al Rawda

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The beautiful Wadi Al Rawda is a marvel that speaks of a very civilized past. It is where visitors can witness the ruins and fossils of the past here. 


The valley becomes more enchanting with spring bringing beauty to the landscape, aromatic mix of wild flowers and herbs, and glimpses of animals grazing on the lush grass. 



It is located in Khasab, the local capital of Musandam Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. 


Why to Visit Wadi Al Rawda


1- Going Through the Remains


Offering both exquisite vistas and looks into Oman’s history, visitors can explore remains, and primitive drawings left by animals and civic establishments past. 


There is Bayt al qifl, or “place of locks,” showcased in the yards, situated by Fort Khasab. It is a conventional type of Omani house-working, with one of a kind underground plan and real bolting systems used to shield homes from gatecrashers.


Guests can go through the remaining parts of these houses. There is also a chance to  discover pre-Islamic headstones peppering the scene. One incredible case of the bayt al qifl can be found alongside a gravestone close to the focal point of the dish.


2- Mountain Safaris


Mountain Safari is a good option to enjoy Wadi Al Rawda. Most travel agencies offer safaris to Al Rawda for guests who might want to explore more inside and out.


3- Camping


The whole territory has an amazing atmosphere at night, due to the  inclinations of radiant sandstone. It is a perfect place to camp.