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Land of Frankincense Museum

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The Land of Frankincense Museum is considered one of the most prominent historical museums in Oman because it includes historical and cultural features from different eras.

The museum is located in Dhofar Governoratein the heart of a historic site that was registered in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000 as an archaeological and tourism park after consultation with the international organisation.
UNESCO chose the Al Baleed site, considered by archaeologists as the most important remnants of an Islamic ancient city on the Arabian Sea coast, as being part of the historic home of the frankincense tree the Sultanate of Oman is renowned for, especially since frankincense was the most important Omani export in ancient times.
The museum is located in Al Baleed. It is divided into two main halls: the Hall of History which branches into 6 sections, and the Marine Hall which is divided into 7 sections.
Whether you’re most interested in natural landscapes, history and culture, or delicious food, Oman has a lot to offer. This nation of around 4.5 million people on the Arabian Peninsula has a rich cultural heritage.