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Salalah Tourism Festival

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Whether you’re most interested in natural landscapes, history and culture, or delicious food, Oman has a lot to offer. This nation of around 4.5 million people on the Arabian Peninsula has a rich cultural heritage.

this festival is held annually in Dhofar Province during autumn, between 21 June and 21 September, when a tropical climate dominates Dhofar. Northern and north-western winds blow over the seas adjacent to the Arabian Peninsula’s southern coast. Rain showers fall, accompanied by light patches of fog that lend the region moderate temperatures and cover Dhofar with a gorgeous green blanket.

For this year 2013, Salalah Tourism Festival  will be inaugurated on the second day of Eid al Fitr in August and will continue for 25 days. The Autumn Festival activities present to families and visitors various artistic and cultural shows, in addition to parades. There are a variety of local and international programmes to please every taste and guarantee a pleasurable and useful time.
The festival website provides further information, including a detailed schedule of events and their times.