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Wadi Al Hawqayn

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Oman has a great share of magnificent mountains, crystal clear waters, splendid palm trees and mind-blowing plantations, and heavenly Wadis.


Wadi Al Hawqayn is a chance to experience a pure natural and unforgettable relaxing escape.


It is characterized by its year-round flowing streams, as well as beautiful waterfalls and ever-flowing water springs. It is advised to get into wadis during the rainy season.

How to Get to Wadi Al Hawqayn


Wadi Al Hawqayn is approximately 2 hour drive from Muscat Governorate. 

Why to Visit Wadi Al Hawqayn 


Enjoy the Splendid Nature


On both sides of the wadi, there are lots of green areas. At noon time, it is so great to sit in falls, relaxed with natural water. It is a fun experience for families and kids to take a bath in the clear waters. 


Get in Touch with Omani People


Wadi Al Hawqayn is a very popular destination for locals holidays such as Eid celebrations, when Omanis bring their families out to enjoy nature and spend quality time together. 


They enjoy singing together, drumming along with great food like smokey fires for grilling. 


It is a great destination for getting to know the Omanis and their culture.


The Nearby Attractions


If you are driving from the capital, Muscat, then you need to take a left turn at Al Suwaiq roundabout to Al Rustaq City, where there is Rustaq Fort, Wadi Bani Awf, and Qasra Museum. 


On your way, you will pass by Royal Oman Air force base as well. 

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