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Wadi Al Khoud

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Wadi Al Khoud is one of the largest wadi basins in the Sultanate. Pools are formed in the wadi following heavy rain. 


It is well worth a visit, to enjoy the green salience, the beautiful rock formations surrounding and it's clear water pools and springs of the water of the valley.



Wadi Al Khoud is located within 20 minutes outside Muscat Governorate in Wilayat Al Seeb. It is situated next to the old Al Khoud Village in Muscat. 


How to Get There


From Muscat city, drive on Route 15 “Nizwa Road”, then turn off at the sign for Sultan Qaboos University, pass the university campus on your right and keep driving until you reach a roundabout, take left and follow signs for Al Khoud village, drive straight through the village passing the mosque, keep going until the road ends and you see the parking area on the right-hand side.

Things to Do at Wadi Al Khoud




There are archaeological and historical landmarks in the Khoud village, as Bait al Oud, which was built more than 200 years ago, Falaj Abu Bahaya, Falaj Al Sarat and Al Khoudh Castle, which goes back to more than 300 years. It also contains a number of hot springs, such as Ain al Sakhna and Ain al Hab.


The remains of Al Khoudh castle can be seen overlooking the wadi high on a hill to the right and a little further, then you have to stop the car to climb a ramp track to get a bird’s-eye view of the valley below. And there also works are underway on the establishment of a sanctuary for wild plants, which is one of the largest sanctuaries for wild plants in the Middle East.


4x4 Drive


Wadi Al Khoudh is a major wadi for you to take your 4×4 and enjoy the drive. Note that it is not ‘trek-able’ wadi by foot, unless you can walk for miles on wadi stones with sporadic water pools.

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