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Jebel Samhan

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Jebel Samhan is one of the major mountain ranges in the administrative district of Dhofar, whose highest peak reaches 2,100 meters. Jebel Samhan has many levels that are traversed by deep and narrow mountain passes, some of which are up to a thousand feet deep.

In the plain of Jebel Samhan different plant species such as acacia and frankincense trees grow. The narrow mountain passes are poor in water, but there are numerous streams that serve as an important source of water for most of the animals living here. (Classified as an endangered species) In addition to the Arabian leopards are many other mammals native to these mountains, including the Arabian Gazelle, the fox and the Nubian goat.
Leopards are usually considered the best adapted to the environment of animal. The Arabian leopard is usually smaller and lighter than its African relatives. For a long time lived the Arabian Leopard in the northern mountain range of the Arabian Peninsula.
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