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Old Castle Museum in Oman

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The museum is located at the Old Castel in the eastern  area of Oman in Wilayt  Al Kamil Wa Al wafi overlooking the famous Al Kamil market and the heritage old houses. The Castel was built in the last quarter of the seventeenth century while the museum was established in 2012 after the completion of the castle restoration. One of the freshest Falajs in Oman, Falaj Al- Kamil, passes inside this ancient Castle which Wilayt Al-Kamil is named after.

The Museum displays to visitors more than ten thousand of assorted old and heritage pieces dating back to centuries of time. It has more than 1400 pieces of old ceramic and more than 700 piece of old copper, metals, old tools, electronics and old machineries. Additionally, it displays palm leaves craft works, traditional wooden boxes, and various potteries. Beside this it has more than 350 pieces of textiles, old leathers, glass, silverware, guns, swords, daggers, coins, paper notes, local and international card phones, stamps and old books and magazines.