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Nizwa City in Oman

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The city of Nizwa is the regional centre of A'Dakhiliyah Governorate. It lies around 164 kilometres from the capital Muscat. Nizwa lies at the foot of Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountain) to the south, amongst the mountains that form its walls. The city is full of rivers, orchards and palm trees towering amidst a balmy atmosphere. This clement weather has made a number of scholars and holy and free men claim Nizwa their hometown, giving it the name “the courtyard of Islam”.

Nazwa city is famous for its history, culture, origins and heritage that abound in its customs, traditions, crafts, and the traditional industries and handicrafts our forefathers have known and excelled in as a means of livelihood.
In his famous book "Masterpiece Spectacles in Foreign Lands and the Wonders of Travel" Ibn Battuta describes his trip to Nizwa and what he saw there. He says: “Then we headed to Oman country and walked for six days in the desert. We reached the country of Oman on the seventh day. It is a fertile land with rivers, trees, orchards, palm plantations, and all kinds of fruit. We reached the city of Nizwa, considered to be the main city in this country. Here, people usually eat in the mosques, where each one brings whatever food he has to eat in the mosque courtyard. Everybody shares the food and these people are helpful and courageous.”