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Ayn Al Hammam Hot Spring in Oman

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The Ayn Al Hammam hot spring is situated at a huge fault structure, separating Triassic dolomite (sedimentary rocks) from ophiolite (volcanic rocks). They were brought together in a huge tectonic movement called obduction. It appeared when the ocean floor in front of Oman’s coast was pushed above the Arabian continent, forming the Oman Mountains.

Most of the hot springs in Oman (Kesfeh in Rustaq and Thwara in Nakhal) are located along this major fault.
The hot water of this spring has traveled far from within the ground where the temperature is a lot higher. Here the heated water is rising from beneath the ophiolite where it is in contact with the dolomite.
As the water traveled through the dolomite it dissolved calcite from the rock. On the surface the calcite has recrystalised along the hot water aqueduct.
At around 65o Celsius the Ayn Al Hammam spring is said to be the hottest spring of Oman. It is considered to have healing properties due to its high mineral content.