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Wadi Al Arbaeen | Oman Wadis


Wadi Al Arbeieen (or Arbaeen) is one of the most spectacular and worth visiting Oman wadis. 


It provides the ultimate soundtrack of nature, that refers to the sounds of running water, birds and the wind flowing through the narrow channels.


You should visit the wadi if you want to explore a dip in fresh water pools, and experience the serenity of walking through a wadi.



It is Located around 90 minutes outside of Muscat, or it is situated 3 kilometers away from Wilayat Quriyat in the Eastern Hajar Mountains.

Why to Visit  Wadi Al Arbeieen


Reaching the wad will take roughly 2.5 hours but it is worth it to experience. It is once in a lifetime. 


Various Activities 


Wadi Al Arbeieen offers a number of activities for everyone. You can choose to swim, have a BBQ party, go on a picnic to enjoy the waterfall deep inside the wadi.


Serene Nature 


It is a pretty enjoyable wadi, featuring lots of rock-crawling and water crossing with the car. 


Enjoy the scene of a constant flow of water from the eastern Hajar mountains that provide a source to the surrounding villages and date palm farms. 


Perfect Weather


As for the weather, it is very good, especially in winter, as the sun reaches the bottom of the canyon for a short time of the day. You can get outdoors for an adventure to the fantasy.


Catchy Photos 


You have the chance to have so many photo opportunities. The wadi has a rich flora, with pool after pool of picturesque green water among huge boulders. 


Bring your camera with lots of memory, fully charged batteries and an empty memory card to never miss a scene.