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Bahla Fort in Oman

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As you travel around Oman, you may begin to notice that sand-colored forts are everywhere and wonder just how many there are. The answer? Over 500. They perch atop rocks and cling to hillsides, defending every conceivable strategic point. While in Muscat, you’ll likely see the 16th-century Jalali and Mirani forts guarding the bay.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bahla Fort was originally constructed of straw and mud bricks between the 12th and 15th centuries. It has undergone extensive restoration and now appears to the visitor in its full glory. Its massive complex takes hours to explore in full.

Bahla Fort lies in Wilayt Bahla in A'Dakhiliyah Governorate. Since 1987, its name has been included in the World Heritage Sites List. Bahla Fort includes: Bahla Oasis with its traditional souks, old alleys, ancient mosques, and its wall that extends over a distance of approximately 13 kilometres and whose construction dates back to pre-Islamic era.

Originally, Bahla Fort was built in the third millennium BC. The length of its South façade is about 112 kilometres, while its eastern façade is about 114 metres., It is evident that the Bahla Wall, which extends over a distance of 12 kilometres, with its terraces, apertures for opening fire and guardhouses, was designed for defence purposes.
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