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Wadi Al Nakhr

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Wadi Al Nakhr is widely popular as the Grand Canyon of the Middle East. The wadi has a village with the same name and can be seen from the top of Jabal Shams (Sun Mountain).


Visitors can enjoy picturesque waterfalls cascading from Jebel Shams from this valley. 


Location: Wadi A Nakhr is a two hour drive away from the capital Muscat.

Origin of the Name


Wadi Al Nakhr’s name is derived from the local word (nakhr), which means the process of rock carving, "erosion", as the waters of this valley formed during the ancient times, formations of mountain layers that a visitor can view up close.

Why is Wadi An Nakhr So Popular?


Wadi Al Nakhr is one of the most amazing and beautiful valleys of the Sultanate, as it is a very deep gully in the heart of the rock. 


It consists of several branches, the most important of which are the Masirah Valley, Wadi Ash Shab, Wadi Bin Rumman, Wadi Sidran, Wadi al-Khubayya, and Wadi Bimah.

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Why to Visit Wadi Al Nakhr? 


The impressive 600km stretch of mountains is perfect for some exciting activities like walking in the Snake Gorge, trekking in the wadis or climbing up to the highest peak of the most beautiful canyon in the Arabian Gulf region.


Being there, you will notice the beauty of Jebel Misht standing proudly in isolation. The final few kilometers are significant, with grand views down into the great hole of Wadi Al Nakhr.

Hiking Activities in Wadi Al Nakhr Oman


If you start your trek from Al Ghub to Wadi An Nakhr, you have to go to Al Khatim Village down to the entrance of the wadi. Note that the ground is made of sharp rock and you will go for about 700 meters to 2000 meters.


Then you have to climb up the mountain, to reach a fabulous point of view over the Nakhr Gorge, also called Grand Canyon of Oman.