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Natural History Museum in Oman

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The Museum of Natural History is located in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture building in Al Khuwayr in Muscat Governorate. It is considered one of the major Omani museums and houses exhibits depicting aspects of life since it first appeared in various forms on the Sultanate territory.

Some of the rare displays exhibited in this museum are traces of tree fossils found in Al Huquf dating back more than 260 million years, in addition to the remains of coral fossils dating back over 270 million years found in Wadi AsSahtan in Rustaq. Also found were remnants of jaw teeth belonging to a specific type of monkey, as well as the teeth of prehistoric animals dating back between 15 and 35 million years. The museum displays some aspects of the lives of the different types of reptiles, colourful butterflies, and other organisms that live in the wilds of the Sultanate, as well as the remains of trees and fossilised bones.
The Museum of Natural History also has the whale hall that displays skeletons, bones and skulls of whales. The importance of this hall lies in identifying the different types and sizes of whales that live in the depths of the sea.