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Khasab Castle in Oman

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Omanis built the present Khasab Castle on the ruins of the old Castle constructed by the Portuguese in the eleventh century Hijri (the seventeenth century) where some parts of the old Castle are still visible through the circular tower that stands in the middle of the castle. The present castle has four strongholds.

The castle’s gigantic middle tower has been renovated to become a museum for displaying various handicrafts and archaeological collections in Musandam Governorate. Also renovated are the housing facilities in the castle, which were converted into a furnished home containing the entire furniture of the castle, including an exhibition of traditional clothes and ornaments.
A model of Bayt AlQefel (the lock house) is built in the castle’s courtyard, with exhibits of the boat types this governorate is famous for, along with a model of the Al-Arish suspended house. A well has been dug that demonstrates the method of drawing water from it, in addition to a traditional oven and hand mill (a hand mill is a grinder made of rock or solid stone in the form of two circular grindstones, the top one of which revolves on the lower. A hole in the centre of the stones was where a metal peg was inserted for turning the mill by hand).