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Wadi Andam Oman

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Wadi Andam is located in Al Sharqiyah region in north Oman. The wadi extends from Willayat Samail to Willayat AL Mudaybi, and ends in Wilayat Mahout in Al Wusta Governorate.




Wadi Andam Oman is remote from the sea, which makes its climate mellow and refreshing. 

Other Wadis to Visit Oman in Oman


Being a country with a huge number of wadis to visit, here are some of the most famous ones. 


Wadi Bani Khalid is distinguished by its scattered caves lying around the corners and large pools with a constant flow of water around the year.


Wadi Ash Shab is very well known for its cave with waterfalls, rocky cliffs along with turquoise pools. 


Wadi Damm is popular for its  water bonds that are scattered around its land, and also for its unique rocky formations. 


Wadi Al Abriyeen has four villages lying on the side of both of its banks. The villages are well known for their plants such as palm trees, mango bananas, and lemon trees as well.