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Top Restaurants in Oman

As the typical Arabian food, the Omani cuisine is specialized with its delicious and various dishes which is richly served with different types of herbs and spices.

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Restaurants in Oman offer its visitors oriental, European, Arabic, Indian dishes. Besides Oman cuisine is specialized with its delicious and various dishes which are richly served with different types of herbs and spices.


The international coffee shops chains are popular in Oman where you will enjoy the unique Omani coffee.


Here is a list of the most popular restaurants in Oman…


1- Al Angham


Lying next to the Royal Opera House , Al Angham restaurant offers the best service for a special occasion, such as a night at the opera. 


This exquisite restaurant is a clear representation of national cuisine, from the Omani silver napkin rings to the carved wooden ceiling.

2- Bait Al Luban


Bait Al Luban is part of a renovated khan or guest house, which was built 140 years ago. It serves authentic Omani food, including mezze and vegetarian stews.  


The restaurant lies opposite Mutrah’s fish market. 


3- Al Fanar Restaurant


Being one of the best restaurants in Oman and Nizwa. It has beautiful sitting inside the modern dining room or on the marvellous poolside terrace outside.


As for the menu, the restaurant offers a wide range of food of international cuisine like Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, besides a few Omani specials. It is really recommended to try the kabsa dajaj.

4- Ice Cream Mama


Ice Cream Mama is a well known brand spreading through Muscat malls. It arises from an Omani family enterprise that produces homemade ice cream based on a single hand-me-down recipe.


Rose water and laban is highly recommended, or you can choose from so many local flavors such as saffron, frankincense, date or coffee.


5- Sahari Restaurant 


Sahari is a Turkish restaurant with beautiful breezy terraces that overlook the lagoons and is a perfect place to watch dhows while listening to local music. 


The restaurant offers fresh food from caught seafood of prawns and squid to Turkish bread baked in-house, with salad. 

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6- Aroos Musandam Restaurant


Lying right in the centre of town, this cozy restaurant is one of the best when it comes to the decor and service. 


It offers freshly caught seafood including lobster, prawns, crab, fish of several kinds. Besides, there are Omani and Indian dishes such as melt-in-the-mouth mutton. Try one of their fresh juices. 


7- Cornish Restaurant


A bright-windowed restaurant, lying in the heart of the fish market, serves up the best of the catch fresh from the sea. 


There are plenty of options from Indian and Chinese to fish and chips, besides vegetarian options. 

8- Al Mina Restaurant & Bar


It is located in Salalah. It is an open-sided terrace-style restaurant with waves thundering on the shore and a view of moonlight. The menu includes dishes from different cuisines from Spain, Italy and Greece offering seafood and vegetarian dishes. 


 It is the best experience with live bands playing Latin music and cool blues from 7pm every day except Sunday.