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We always motivating you to explore the world in different destinations such as getting the best of Egypt Tours then going further in the beauty of the Middle East through Dubai trips along with the marvelous Oman vacations or having the best of North Africa in Morocco Travel Packages. Europe was also here with Turkey Tours. At times you would love to have the best Africa Safari tours and other destinations like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and more around the world.


However, .....


The COVID 19 has slowed down a little and life seems to be getting back on track, but even though a lot of countries have acquired the Safe Travel Stamp from WTTC we want to inspire you all with activities that you can enjoy and have fun within your own city after the lockdown cause at the end of the day the pandemic is far from over and risk of contamination is still quite high.

So if you haven't explored all that there is in your city you might be surprised by just how much fun you can have without leaving your own town.


Here is a list of 19 activities you can do in each respective city after the lockdown is finished:


1. Statue of Liberty, NY 


If you are a citizen of New York city I'm sure you will have plenty to do and explore once the lockdown is finished, but out of any of the attractions that the big apple can offer the best one by far is the Statue of Liberty. 

Overlooking the gorgeous NY harbor the statue measures 93 meters and visitors can have a look from the top at one of the greatest cities in the world. Consider yourself lucky if you call NY home and get a breath of fresh air and celebrate your freedom at the top of the Statue of Liberty once this is all done.



2. Universal Studio, Hollywood


If you live in sunny california the Universal Studios just might be the best option for post quarantine, one of the biggest hollywood studios and also one of the greatest theme parks out there Universal Studios offers a great tour for Harry Potter fanatics, and much much more.



3. YellowStone National Park, Idaho 


With its territory occupying nearly 3,500 sq mile the Yellowstone National park sits in between Montana and Idaho. A true experience into the wild Yellowstone sits on a volcanic hotspot, it also has dramatic canyons, some amazing alpine rivers, rich forests, lots of hot springs.

Yellowstone is home to several wild animal species such as bears, wolfs elk, antelope and bison. A great experience for post quarantine as you most likely will not run into a large group of humans.



4. St Mark's Basilica, Venice 


If you are a citizen of Italy you most likely have visited the St Mark’s Basilica a few times and if you have not then you need to do it like SOON. The gorgeous church is the most famous in all of Italy. Its location sitting facing the venice harbour is a very famous tourist attraction in the country. Built in the 9th Century the St Mark’s Basilica is a great place to go after the lockdown.



5. Duomo Di Milano, Milan


If you live in Milan, shopping is far from the best thing this city has to offer, yes Milan is a high fashion capital but it is also home to one of the best architectural works of the early 13th century and it is at the moment the second biggest cathedral in the world.



6. Cinque de Terre, Linguria 


A very cute and fun place to visit if you live around Italy is the Cinque of Terre in the coast cliffs of Linguria. They consist of seaside villages all painted in beautiful colors, vineyards and fish boats all around its coast. A very charming place Cinque de Terre has amazing seafood and a cool breeze to get you feeling like the world is good again.



7.  La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


If you call the lively city of Barcelona your home then you are very lucky, as Barcelona is considered one of the greatest cities in the world and one of the best foods too, but barcelona's most proud monument is the legendary gothic church of La Sagrada Familia, a great spot to explore after the lockdown.



8. Royal seat of san lorenzo, Madrid 


Commonly known as the Monasterio del Escorial the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial was once residency to the king of Spain and today is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madrid. The gorgeous and gigantic palace is a great place to spend the day as a family or for a lovely walk if you are a resident of the close areas of Madrid.



9. Fundación Cueva de Nerja, Malaga


The city of Malaga in Spain is is home to the Caves of Nerja, a series of caverns stretching almost 5 km, this Caves are one of Spain's most famous tourists attractions, making it a great option for a day out of the house after the lockdown if you live in the area nearby.



10. Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro


If you are lucky enough to live in Rio de Janeiro there is so much to explore and see in  the gorgeous capital of Carnaval and samba. The Sugarloaf Mountain is  a beautiful rock mountain in the coast of Rio which has an electronic lift that takes passengers  all the way to the top of the mountain so they can enjoy one of the most gorgeous views there is. A great option for after the pandemic.



11. Iguazu Falls, Parana


A sight for sore eyes, the Iguazu Falls in the frontier of Brazil and Argentina is one of the most beautiful views you will ever see, and also the largest waterfall you will ever see too. So if you live nearby a visit to the Iguazu Falls is a great idea for an outdoor or a day trip after the lockdown.



12. Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goias


In the heart of Brazil the Parque Nacional da chapada dos veadeiros is a beautiful forest that pumps oxygen for the whole of south america. With a vast area of high rich rainforest, the Chapada is also home to several waterfalls and gorgeous species of animals that you can only find in Brazil.  If you are around you should not miss a visit.



13. Templo Romano Evora, Evora 


Referred as the temple of Diana the Templo Romano Evora is an ancient monument in the city of Evora, Portugal. Considered a World Heritage Site by Unresco the temple is a great day trip if you are in the surroundings of the city of Evora.



14. Se Velha, Coimbra 


An old cathedral in the Portuguese city of Coimbra, the Se Velha is an Roman Catholic Church building opened in 1146. Following the Roman architecture style of the 11th century the building construction started after the Battle of Ourique  and it is a great tourist attraction if you are nearby.



15. Sanctuary of Christ the King, Almada


A religious monument located in Almada Lisbon the Sanctuary of Christ the King overlooks the gorgeous city of Lisbon and it is a very popular place to visit if you live in the surroundings of Almada.  Inspired by the statue of the Christ Redentor in Rio de Janeiro apparently where the Patriarch of Lisbon once visited and decided to build the monument in Almada.



16.  Musee d'Orsay, Paris


If you live in the city of Paris you will never be short of things to do after the lockdown but certainly one of the best places you can go in Paris is the Musee d’Orsay. Housed at a Beaux-Arts railway station between 1989 and 1900. A series of sculptures and art pieces can be found at the museum.



17.  Luxembourg Palace, Paris


Also located in Paris, the Luxembourg Palace originally built by french architectSalomon de Brosse for the purpose of being the royal residency of the regent Marie de Medici the mother of King Louis XIII, the gorgeous palace is a great option for an afternoon outdoors after the lockdown. 



18. Elbphilharmonie, Luxembourg


What could be better than music to brighten the mood after such a dark period in the world? Well if you live in the surroundings of Hamburg in Germany the Elbphilharmonie is  a concert hall by the Elbe River. Considered one of the most advanced concert halls in the world, it is definitely worth a visit.



19. Phantasialand, Bruhl 


Attracting around 2 million visitors per year the Phantasialand is a theme park in Bruhl Germany. Opened in 1967 the park is still a hot got to in Germany and if you are around after the quarantine check it out and have a fun day as a family or solo riding.


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