Middle Eastern food is one of the most iconic foods in the world and some of its most popular dishes can be found in restaurants all over.

With so much history, the Middle East has managed to maintain its culture strong even after so many years have gone by. Middle Eastern people still enjoy the same pleasures such as a nice shisha gathering with friends, a cup of tea, and FOOD of course.


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Enjoy some of the most delicious dishes in the Middle East with a home cook recipe for these Middle Eastern popular dishes.


Koshary, Egypt 


One of Egyptians favorite foods, Koshary is wildly consumed in Egypt. While very nutritious, Koshary is also delicious, and cooking it at home is a great way to understand the concept of Egyptian food, where it is never enough when it comes to food.

Consisting of rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas, tomato sauce, and fried onion for garnishing, Koshary is Egypt in one meal, where everyone mixes together in one big country forming one of the greatest nations in the world.



Shakshuka, Turkey


A must try from Turkey, the classic in Turkish cuisine and enjoyed by civilians of many other countries, Shakshuka is one of Turkey's most popular dishes and is also very easy to prepare it at home, making a perfect recipe to try for a special home-cooked cultural breakfast.

Consisting of Eggs, bell peppers, tomato sauce, and chickpeas cooked all together in a big no sticky pan and served as an egg stew with the favorite Turkish bread, Shkshouka is delicious, nutritious and great for the whole family.



Couscous, Morocco


A classic in Middle Eastern food, Couscous is originally from the beautiful country of Morocco but its enjoyed at tables all over the world.

With many different recipes and many different options for garnishments, the original Moroccan Couscous is made with the couscous base itself, which is consisted of small grains made out of wheat or barley infused in warm water and gee then mixed with Lamb cuts and mixed grilled eggplants and bell peppers and some roasted almonds to garnish.

It really is delicious and if you never tried then I am not sure what you are waiting for.



Chicken Biriyani, India


A favorite dish among the Indians and so by so many other nationalities, Chicken Byriani is a classic dish from India originated by the Indian Muslims. 

Naturally tasty and as usual per Indian cuisine, the aromas and spices in this dish are just impossible to resist. With so much flavor Chichen Biriyani is also a gorgeous looking dish for its yellow saffron color.

Consisting of rich chicken curry with lots of Indian spices and coconut milk as its base,  served on top of a gorgeous bed of saffron rice, Chicken Byriany is the perfect dish to try it at home, you can choose your comfort level of spiciness and enjoy it with the whole family.



Lamb Machboos, UAE


A delicious dish from Dubai and enjoyed all around the Middle Eastern countries, Lamb Machboos is often eaten during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Truly delicious with exquisite aroma and divine presentation, Lamb Machboos is a dish that consists of a slow-cooked lamb with cinnamon sticks and other spices too served in a bed of basmati rice with a pinch of saffron, served with nuts as garnishing on top.

A family’s favorite Lamb Machboos is a great recipe to try at home for a family gathering during a cold night.



Shuwa, Oman


Considered one of the most authentic dishes in the country of Oman, Shuwa is delicious, and even though not many people have heard of them, they are highly appreciated among the Middle Eastern community during special holidays such as Eid.

Served with a portion of rice Shuwa is a goat or Lamb dish wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked to perfection for 6 hours and it can be done in a grill or oven too.



Great for trying something different at home to serve for friends and family, Shuwa is one of those dishes that will get your family talking about your cooking for ages.

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