For many years now, nomads human beings with a need for motion have inspired us with their books, photographs, and journals. 

Also known as travelers (and since the internet and technologies advance, travel bloggers),  they have scored the dream life most of us have always dreamed of. 

With a computer and a phone, they travel around the world capturing images of paradisiac places while sharing them with the rest of the world, serving as an inspiration to those who dream of life on the road but are yet still stuck to their 9 to 5 reality.

Making travel a way of living, and getting paid to do it so does sound like a dream life to a lot of people out there. Who wouldn’t want to pack a bag of only essentials book a one-way ticket to some tropical destination and take life day by day?




But who are those people who have managed to LIVE that dream life and how do they did they get there?


Meet 6 of some of the most interesting travel bloggers out there right now and learn a little about how did they manage to live their dream life traveling around the world.


1. The Blond Abroad


In 2011 Kirsten, a beautiful Californian native girl took the world as a solo traveler for the first time. 

She visited the countries of Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand, and after that Kirsten was so sure that traveling was her thing that she quit a very stable job in finance and decided to take te travel blog thing as a full-time hobby. 

For the last 5 years, Kirsten travel blog has been just “killing it”, with her finance background she has done travel blogging just right being able to land brands and sponsors all over the world. 

Kirsten also possesses very good writing skills and her visual content is amazing, she has managed to join the GoPro Family and her work has been featured on Huffington  Post, Forbes, Matador Network and many more. 

Kirsten travel blog is great for female travelers looking for inspiration on how to take on the world as a solo female traveler. She also has lots of info on how to start a successful travel blog and make traveling into a dream life reality.


Get the Ultimate Inspiration from Kristen and Visit: The Blonde Abroad



2. A Broken Back Pack


Canadian gal Melissa has been on the road since 2014. With a great personality, she has conquered the world of blogging while documenting her travels through her travel blog, YouTube and Snapchat profiles, and also social media.

With a broad range of destinations and travel tips, Melissa’s travel blog covers the basics necessary steps when planning a trip and she also has tips for travelers to how to get a job overseas and get paid to live a nomad life. 

Her Blog is also a great option for solo female travelers in search of inspiration while planning a trip on your own.

Her travel photography and writing have been published in Matador Network, Huffington Post Through Catalog, and lots more, making her an inspiration to all backpackers out there with a dream to make a living on the road.


Explore more about Melissa Blog and Visit: A Broken Backpack



3. The Blog Abroad


With a very personal approach to blogging, Gloria is not your typical travel blogger. 

Sassy and raw, Glo speaks of her travel experiences and herself in an intimate way as her mission is to inspire people from a place of truth. 

Her aims are to really show the world that although traveling is fun and while making a living out of it its a dream to many, it is also a fruit of hard work and a lot of dedication.

Her great eye for photography has landed her work with top travel photographers and she has worked as a writer for Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, and Matador Networks.

Her blog offers travel resources such as budget traveling, travel guides, and solo traveler experiences.


Widen your Vision on the Globe with Gloria and Visit: The Blog Abroad



4. My Life’s a Movie 


Alyssa Ramos is a Cuban American adventure junkie who has conquered the world of travel blogging. A few years ago she packed all of her stuff and started traveling the world SOLO ever since. 

She has visited 85 countries and 7 continents in total and she assures everyone that despite her good looks, she is no dumb blond and has built a very successful travel business all on her own, and no, Alissa does not have rich parents as she states that in her bio.

A true inspiration for anyone who has a dream of traveling and for women in business too, Alyssa’s travel blog serves any travelers whos looking for great writing material or anything to do with traveling.

After getting published on Huffington Post with a very sarcastic and polemic article which title was “Yes, I’m pretty and I’m Traveling Alone”  Alyssa’s blog got loads of visits from curious readers wanting to know who was the face behind the funny and controversial reading, she’s been flying high ever since.


Find the Real Travel Inspiration with Alyssa and Visit: My Life’s a Movie



6. Backpack Banter


Originally from the UK, Chris is a surfer, photographer, and traveler. He has been on the road since 2009. For his first year of traveling, he lived in a van around Australia and has been everywhere ever since.

Chris started documenting his travels through his travel blog, which provides so much info for those seeking an adventure travel lifestyle blog.

Chris explores the world on a budget and his website covers a lot of that topic, he also tries to help those fellow dreamers who also want to be able to make traveling their full-time job.

Chris is a surfer so his page has great visuals of his surfing trips and great tips for fellow surfers out there looking for the best surf spots around the world. 


Surf between Experiences around the World with Chris and Visit: Backpack Banter


6. Dan Flying Solo


Dan is no ordinary British guy and his passion for traveling has taken him all around the globe. His journey as a travel blogger did not have an easy start and according to him he never had plans to become a travel blogger. 

Once a frustrated and underpaid restaurant manager, Dan realized that instead of miles he was accumulating debt. So with a double negative situation, he decided to quit his job and go traveling instead. 

He traveled full time for 1500 days before settling in Portugal where he nows lives a more stable life but doing something he loves. He is now a travel blogger and works as a videographer, creative director writer and photographer at his own media company. 

He has also landed continuously work with  Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet.


Dan’s photography work has been published in Travel & Leisure, National Geographic, Travel Channel, and Matador Network.

Dan’s website has great travel tips for budget travel and also great travel stories.

His extensive destination list makes it a great reason to check his website before planning a trip.


Tour The World through Photos, Tips and more with Dan: Dan Flying Solo


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