Craving a Middle East Trip?

What about a Charming Experience with Egypt Tourism. Just head to the North-East edge of Africa and Now Welcome to the Land of Pharos.


Thinking about the Pyramids of Giza? A wide desert, tents, and camels?

Then, here you came to the RIGHT spot to give you a whole new vision and experience on how to Enjoy Egypt like never before. We would never do something with your Giza Pyramids visit, it's unmissable, but you got a long list of things to do and places to explore in Egypt fits every taste and every traveling style.

Here are the Travel Experts giving you from their long experience to take things to the best result and touch the real Egypt.


Now It's time to go closer to the 12 Things to do in Tourist Attractions you should experience right after the Giza Pyramids:


1. Visit The First Capital in Ancient Egypt at Memphis City


About 20km from Giza, on the west bank of the Nile, close to Mit Rahina town, the ruins of Memphis City were found. Memphis City (in Arabic is Manf) is the first capital of Egypt as reported by Manetho and Herodotus, who stated that the city was built by King Mena, the unifier of Upper and Lower Egypt in one Great Kingdom ruling the whole Egyptian Lands from the Nile Delta Capital at the meeting point of the north and south. 


Memphis City stood as the power-center and the royal throne spot for the whole Old Kingdom era until the Middle Kingdom raised with a new Capital Thebes in the south.


Memphis is a worthy spot to be on the list during your Egypt Tours, and for a complete experience with the site, we recommend you pass the Saqqara Complex of King Djoser where the stepped pyramid and full mortuary temple all surrounded by a magnificent enclosure wall will fully take you. Get the Chance to visit the fresh Saqqara Discovery Sarcophagi 2020 which back to more than 2500 years!

You would have the Best combining visit to Memphis City and Saqqara between:

  • Sun-Sat 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM



2. Enjoy Cairo Sight from Above The Citadel of Salah El-Din


Going through the History of Egypt from the Pharos times reaching the Glory of the Medieval Islamic Era. At one of the most strategic spots in Cairo, over the Mokattam hills, the Citadel or Qal'aa in Arabic was built. 


The construction of Salah Al-Din Citadel wasn't the first of its type in Cairo, hence the Ayyubid era has a long chain of military fortification projects following the ruler's minds who were soldiers before getting into the throne. Between the 13th - 19th centuries (nearly 700 years), the fortifies Citadel of Salah Al-Din was the seat of rule. 


The development work and additions continue along with the history after the Ayyubid Kingdom. While your visit to the citadel you will be taken by the special dome of Al-Nasir Mohammed Mosque which is dated back to the Mamluk period. The special theme of the dome is that it was covered with Green Tiles and its Minaret was the introduction of the first Garlic shaped bulb for Egyptian Minarets.


Going further with the Mamluk monuments you will meet the Iwan al-Ashrafiyya or A Iwan Al-Kabir then you will discover The Ablaq Palace and more within the citadel walls.



3. Visit The Spectacular Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha


Time passes and the Ottoman era began with Mohammed Ali Pasha who ruled Egypt between 1830 and 1848 followed by his family. 

Mohammed Ali had the step to build the most visible construction inside the citadel, and that was not enough, he made it simultaneously looks-alike Haigh Sophia Mosque in Turkey with the special domes that are covered with a steal and accompanied by the special pencil-shaped Minarets. The Marble and Alabaster paving is really breath-taking, you mustn't miss this when in Cairo.


The work on Mohammed Ali Mosque of the Citadel, opened in 1848,  was assigned to the Architect Yusuf Boshnak and his craftsmen to produce this masterwork of the Ottoman architecture in Cairo.



4. Experience Authentic Egyptian Dinners


Your travel experience wouldn't be completed without passing with the different dishes of the destination. As for Egypt Tourism, food is a keystone and element for the Egyptian experience with the different recipes and dishes from the different regions locally, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East cuisines as well. 

Kushari, molokhia, okra with garlic, stuffed vegetables (Mahshi), Fatteh, Hawawshi, Falafel and Ful Medames, Musakka, Stuffed Pigeon and many other dishes you feel somehow exotic yet it worth a try.


Now, Head to the annual Guide of The Egyptian Traditional Food.



5. Tour Into The Chaos and Bustle of Islamic Cairo at El Muizz Street


Now it's time for a tour within the Islamic masterpieces of the Fatimid era at the Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi. 

As the Fatimid took over the throne from the previously ruled Ikhshids of the Abbasids, in 969 AD. The Fatimid caliph Al-Muizz and hist strong vizir Badr El-Din Al-Gammali founded a North African styled Capital, giving it a strong name following their power, Al-Qahira or the Conqueror or Cairo.

The first was to build an enclosure defensive wall all around the capital borders, with Major gates, where you can see two of them today as Bab Al-Futuh, and Bab Zuweila in the south. Inside the Fatimid walls, all the city elements were raised and built. Mosques, Madrasas, Cistern, hospital,s and houses along with other facilities were built to serve the daily life needs of the inhabitants.


Unmissable attractions at Al-Muizz street to pass by:




6. Capture Unforgettable Souvenirs from Khan El Khalili Bazaar


The work and buildings inside the Fatimid walls never stopped. Coming to the Mamluk Era with a spectacular bazaar whereas having an authentic shopping experience is guaranteed. 


It's reported the first construction for Khan El Khalili was in the 14th century between 1382-89 by the efforts of Jaharkas al-Khalili, to be a trade center for the Mamluk and international caravans who are passing with Cairo. 


Khan El Khalili is the best in Cairo to get all the Egyptian souvenirs from replicas, Silver, Gold, precious stones, Leather, and more at the best price and material. 



7. Attend The Sound and Light of Giza pyramids by Night


Completing the spectacular visit to the Giza Pleaute with the Pyramids, Sphinx, the Sun-boats museum, and more, the night has a way new experience with the Sound and light show. Relish with a lively narration for the history of the Pyramids and the Sphinx Building, Kings and their families, and more. The show starts at 7 pm in several languages starting with English and Italian, Spanish, French, or German.




8. Eat Koshary


The Egyptian koshari or koshari is better to be considered on the top national dishes in Egyptian cuisine. The mixture of pasta, lentils, peas, with the topping of tomato sauce and fried onions. The origin of the authentic dish is combining Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern culinary elements to cook this special dish. 

We recommend you never leave Egypt without having your Koshary Lunch at one of the local restaurants for Koshari and if you are home then let's prepare an Egyptian Koshari Now!




9. Sail Down The Nile in a Felucca


The sunset from a Felucca cant is repeated anywhere in the world but in Egypt. This special experience would fill your time and memories within your Egypt Local Tours.  Felucca is a traditional wooden boat, that you will find a lot from Cairo to Aswan in beautiful Nile rides. It's a safe, calm, and pleasing experience you shouldn't miss for your time in Cairo and your Instgram as well.



10. Visit The Grand Egyptian Museum - GEM


Plan your Early visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum.


One of the most recent landmarks of Egypt, which was first beginning to be constructed in 2012 and finished in 2020 to be opened in 2021 with investments reaching the US$550m. Atelier Brückner, is the architect and designer to whom the masterplan and exhibition designs are attributed.


The Grand Egyptian Museum is exhibiting a very wide collection coming from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir along with some new discoveries and more than 50,000 artifacts including the master collection of King Tutankhamun with his tomb treasures. 



11. See Cairo from The Highest Point at CairoTower


Explore Egypt from the Top! Yes here is your spot to uncover all the details of Cairo from the Cairo Tower, the tallest building in whole Africa, and North Africa for about 50 years from its construction. 

The Cairo Tower is about 187 m freestanding structure and completed in 1961 by the Egyptian Architect Naoum Shebib, to give a full panoramic view to all of Cairo and Giza. The building has a nice elevator leading to a calm and cozy restaurant to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner after the panoramic view. 




12. The Magical Handicrafts at The Museum of Islamic Art - MIA


The current structure of the Islamic Museum in Cairo was completed in 1902 to be a very nice representation of a Mamluk Architecture Styled construction. 

Between the quiet walls of the museum, here you go with real "Treasures" more than 100,000 objects from mosques and different Islamic sites in Egypt, India, Iran, Syria, and more.  The exhibitions of the museums are covering the different Islamic era's in Egypt and the world from the Umayyad of the Abbasids, Fatimids, Tulunids, and Ikhshids, Mamluks, Ottomans, and modern history as well. 


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