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A year ends, another begins, new resolutions are made, and new goals are set up. New Year’ Eve is the only time of the year that everyone around the world celebrates together, from different places, but all connected with the same hope of new beginnings. So, don’t miss celebrating it to the fullest.
If you have not decided where you would like to be on 2024 New Year’s Eve yet, now it is the time. 


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Celebrate the end of 2023 and welcome 2024 from one of the best new year destinations that we recommend for you. Keep Scrolling down...


1. Sydney, Australia


Australia is one of the first countries to celebrate welcoming the new year, making Sydney the first major city to do so. Great Work Sydney!

New Year celebrations in Sydney last until dawn. They are thrilling deals from fireworks and light shows, to messages displayed in the sky by aerial flyovers. Well, New Year is all about the thrills.

The city has one of the largest fireworks displays around the globe. They last for almost 15 minutes and better be enjoyed from one of harbour boats. It will be an unforgettable experience. 
The weather at that time is great in the city. It is the middle of the summer there, so this gives Sydney extra credit. 




2. Taipei, Taiwan 

New Year’s Eve in Taipei is a pleasure for the eyes. Taipei 101, the city’s tallest building hosts an unforgettable fireworks show. It is always something to see as the clock strikes midnight. 
Go to the following spots to witness the event: National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the Xinyi Commercial District. Be there as early as you can, as they get quite crowded.



3. Bangkok, Thailand

Head to Bangkok, the metropolitan city that parties with locals and tourists all together, for the jazziest and hippest New Year celebration you will ever witness. The highlight of the eve is the huge gathering in Central World Square where everyone stands waiting for midnight to shout for the new year.  
Count down 3, 2, 1 and boom a series of fireworks light up the sky and the riverside. The party doesn't end at that, it continues to many nightclubs and bars of this bustling city. 
Bangkok is undoubtedly one of the new year destinations that shouldn’t be missed.


4. Dubai, UAE

If we are talking about places to go for New Year’s Eve, Dubai should be on top of the list. Head to Burj Khalifa for one of the most spectacular New Year parties in the world. From fireworks, Light and Sound Fountain Show, to Dinner by the waterfront, you will find it all in Dubai. 
It is recommended to get there early to avoid the crowd and being stuck in the traffic for the night. 
So don’t waste any more time and start planning your Dubai Christmas Package for the best New Year’ Eve party now! 




5. Moscow, Russia

Historic Red Square in Moscow will give one of the coldest but also one of the best settings for a New Year’s Eve fireworks display. So, get yourself ready for enlightening your spirit like never before. 
If you don’t want to miss the whole day on New Year’s Eve, well you can tour the historic city at day and enjoy the celebrations at night. Maximum pleasure Yeah! 
So, don’t wait much longer and start planning now!



6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town doesn’t rest. New Year’s celebrations are not just about partying the last night of the year. No! In Cape Town New Year’s Eve celebrations last for three days and they are the most vibrant and engaging of all. 
The Victoria & Albert Waterfront hosts a concert and a midnight firework display. Picnic spots on Table Mountain are great to catch the spectacular views of the fireworks. 
Don’t miss Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival that will entertain you with a carnival themed train and live music. 
So, if you want to plan a different celebration for New Year’ Eve, Cape Town is definitely the solution for you. 



7. London, England

As the clock strikes midnight, London’s night skies will be a blaze of light and colors, launched from the London Eye. 
The fireworks display can be seen from the rooftops and balconies all over London, so no one is obligated to leave their hotels for the celebrations. 
But if you want to be out and experience the fireworks, the best views to recommend you are Westminster Bridge and the north embankment of the River Thames.
The most famous spot to gather and chant the countdown at midnight definitely goes to the Big Ben’s. So you have a lot of options.  
Don’t miss the extra credit of London for the marching parade and procession of Queen’s horses. 




8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

One word: mind-blowing. Rio De Janeiro is without a doubt one of the best spots in the world to be on New Year’ Eve. Rio’s Copacabana Beach hosts the globe’s wildest party that receives over two million people on its two and half million stretch of a beach. 
The gathering traditionally features various musical acts and fireworks. The celebration has a tradition of wearing white and floating flowers into the sea. 
Don’t miss the front stages on the ocean where rock live music and dance performances bless your ears while colorful fireworks bless your eyes. 



9. New York, USA

Time Square is synonymous with New Year’ Eve in all of the United States, for more than a hundred years. 
Of course it should be. Around a million people gather together in the square every single year to experience the famous tradition of the ball drop. Add to that, billions of people can’t miss it and they watch it from their homes. It is the biggest event of the year. 
It is an amazing experience, with all the countdown around and the ball dropping. Arrive early at the Time Square, if you want to watch the ball in person. It is crazy how people start gathering in the afternoon to save a good spot. 
Continue the celebration and head to one of the parties at the clubs and bars. 



10. Las Vegas, USA

Can you imagine the city that parties almost every night of the year celebrating the New Year’s Eve?  
The Strip road is closed to traffic, allowing everyone to watch the fireworks displays above the city’s neon nights. 
There are dozens of clubs, hotels and bars in Las Vegas, Nevada waiting for you to choose from to spend a hyped night with all the glamour. 
If you want to gather with the crowd and witness the countdown together, then head to Fremont Street to join the huge block party, enjoy concerts by big-name rockers, and also to be entertained by sound and light shows on a five-block-long illuminated canopy 90 feet overhead.
New Year’s Eve comes once a year, so you can’t miss celebrating this night as the book says. Pick your place now among the top places to go for New Year’ Eve and don’t wait a moment longer. 


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