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Although primarily known for its abundant oil reserves, the tourism industry of the Middle East has garnered just as much attention, if not less. Fifty million people visiting this transcontinental region last year alone bears testimony to this fact, and especially through the Tour Packages from Dubai that give you a wide spectrume of enjoyment at one move.
Oman and Dubai Trips are two destinations in this geographical area, which have leveraged the tourism industry’s potential very effectively in the last decade or so.


Owing to their close proximity to each other and for what they offer to the average traveler, Oman Tours from Dubai are a quintessential choice for a multi-destination getaway. If vacation time is around the corner for you, kill these two birds with one stone to get the genuine Arabic experience!



How to Escort Dubai and Oman?


A holiday retreat, which includes stopovers at multiple destinations is a major buzzkill. It involves a lot of traveling, which drives even a patient tourist stark raving mad.


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However, this is not the case when going back and forth between Oman and Dubai. As Oman and the UAE share a common border, commuting between Oman and Dubai is a hassle-free exercise. You can choose to hop on a plan for a swift journey or if on a budget; your best bet would be to avail the services of public transport. Public buses are aplenty, which transport tourists from Dubai to Oman and vice versa. Although the commuting time is slightly longer compared to the plane ride, this is a very economical option for the frugal tourist.


Regardless of whether you travel by road or air, be sure to have the e-visa for both countries, which you will be required to show to the immigration officer.


Places to Visit in Oman:


Oman, also widely referred to as the gem of the Arabian Peninsula, boasts a bevy of breathtaking locales, which attract scores of avid tourists year-round. Some of these crowd-pleasing spots include:

Wahiba Sands:


Situated in the heart of Oman, desert dunes cover an expansive area in every direction and create what is popularly called the Wahiba Sands. If you are in the hunt for the traditional Oman vibes, visiting this place should definitely be on your traveling bucket list. By camping in the desert under the starlit sky( which is a sight to behold by itself) and riding on a camel’s back, you get to experience the nomadic way of life which is an inherent part of Oman’s culture.


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Ras al Jinz:


Ras al Jinz is a turtle reserve which essentially aids to inhabit and protect the sea turtles found in the Indian Ocean. The ideal time to haunt the place is during the summer season when you can observe the turtle nests laid out along the beachfront. If you are lucky, you can also get the chance to watch the baby turtles hatch and make their way slowly to the ocean water. Other attractions close by are the Museum and the Turtle Visitor Center, which are regularly frequented by the tourists as well.



Tourism Spots in Dubai:


It goes without saying that a trip to the Middle East is enormously unsatisfying without a visit to Dubai, the business and social hub of the Middle East. The city draws flocks of tourists during all the four seasons, although the number of holidaymakers climbs up exponentially in the summertime. Some of the fascinating sites which Dubai has to offer, among many others, include:



Burj Khalifa:


Dubai Burj Khalifa, takes the cake when scrolling down the list of must-see places in Dubai. Dominating the Dubai skyline, this 828 meters high tower forces you to gape with wonder at the edifice. The imposing building also features a one of a kind observation desk on the 124th floor which affords unprecedented sights of the city. (A word to the wise - do not head up to the deck if you tend to experience vertigo!)



Dubai Mall:


The eponymous shopping haven in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is the city’s premium mall situated adjacent to the Burj Khalifa. The array of dining joints and shopping outlets coupled with the indoors aquarium, gaming zone, and ice rink makes sure that the Dubai Mall has something for everyone. The mall also hosts exclusive events like live fashion and music shows which are broadcasted nationally as well. The most famed shows include the Dubai Shopping Festival, which runs in the first quarter of the year and the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival, which begins in July.



Bottom Line:


A multi-destination holiday to Oman and Dubai offers the luxury of receiving the best of both worlds. You get to combine the glitz and glamour of Dubai with the quaintness of Oman and then some. So if you have been or desire to be bitten by the travel bug, pack your bags and brace yourself for an incredible expedition in the heart of the Middle East.


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