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When it comes to Christmas, all of us think about the most popular cities around the world like Paris, London, and the USA. And they start to book tours and flights to go, but the most worthy thing to do at Christmas is to visit and explore new cities and places!

Here are nine underrated vacation destinations to explore and unplug this season. Whether you're planning a vacation trip or heading to a tropical beach, there are many great Christmas vacations to decide on from. 

New Chrismas Vacation Ideas


1. Iceland


From the perfect weather to the vibrant and unique Christmas spirit, Iceland is considered a perfect holiday destination for travelers who search for the exceptional Christmas spirit. The festive season pulsed there with lively Christmas shops and markets, popular Iceland food with its amazing creations, new drinks, and gifts glitter.

The weather in Iceland and the Winter’s snow give the wild grey lava fields and rocky mountains added sparkle, and you need to know that the best time to visit this magical city is in winter as there’s no better time to try the warmness within the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal waters than when temperatures hit sub-zero. Just take a hike into the snowy craggy mountains and catch the glimmering spots within the dark sky.



2. Germany


In Germany, the most important thing at Christmas is the "Christmas tree" as they used since the late Middle ages, also Germany famous for its Christmas bazaars and markets with their authentic taste. For sure, Berlin has amazing Christmas vibes, too. Berlin has the perfect time in winter to spend new years eve for the festive season because of the massive funfair and other vibrant samples of the Christmas spirit. 

Germany is popular for its Christmas food and markets, all sorts of food, and Christmas decorations. All the Dutch kids wait for Santa Clause to give them rewards and sweets 

The best time to visit this amazing city is in December.



3. The Caribbean

Do ever feel like you need to escape? Escaping from all the life stress, now you can! Traveling to the Caribbean is one of the best choices you can make, it's vibrant spots, nice weather, and the coastal line you can chill on, all of these and more!  The Christmas breeze and the December weather there give you an irreplaceable feeling waiting for you. In the Caribbean you can taste tropical food, you have never tasted before on "Jamaica" beach, where you will find seasonal tropical fruit cake that you will never forget. 

The waterfalls and the nightlife are very unique in the Caribbean, as this season is festive with the free concerts in the colonial city, and the chocolate factory. 



Explore the wild east. The island’s Atlantic side is an exhilarating whirl of dramatic shores (particularly around the little town of Bathsheba), rolling surf, flapping coconut palms, and topsy-turvy hills that appear a world aloof from the congested beach resorts lining the west and south coasts. Drive over to from the peace and fresh air; Bay Tavern in Martin’s Bay could be a mellow spot where Bajans take a prospect on Thursday afternoons, shooting (and feeling) the breeze at a ‘lime’ (informal hangout).



4. Oman


Oman has amazing weather in December when the temperature is between 25 to 30. Oman is the perfect destination for you and your family especially If you have kids, they will really enjoy it because there are a lot of funny activities and games. Oman has a lot of magical cities to spend Christmas like Muscut. But you need to know that Christmas is not an official holiday in Oman, but the spirit and the traditions are there and you can enjoy them.


Now you can get straight to the beach. It's only a quarter-hour from the airport. The beaches in Oman are very Luxury, they offer you the best service ever with a great variety of activities and unique local food, also those hotels have a well-prepared Christmas celebration every year. 


Beyond beaches, you'll be able to take a conventional dhow boat trip from Marina Bandar al Rowhda therefore the little ones can enjoy goggling at rare marine life, and you’re within a cab ride of Muscat.


You can also hire a private driver for a day trip to Muscat to explore its frankincense-scented Mutrah Souq. Nearby, You will have the decision to pray around the minarets at the opulent Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, this historical mosque opens most days of the week for visits.


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5. Russia


Annually on the 7th of January, Russia celebrated Christmas in the Orthodox church. The breeze of the frozen air, the ice falling on the streets, the multicolored Christmas lights, and the snowy pavements, give the original Christmas spirit.


Christmas in Russia is the time of blessings and gifts so it's considered the best place to go for a vacation at the end of the year, mainly in December. In St Petersburg, grab a relaxing vodka at a Christmas market, while in Moscow the snow-dusted candy-colored onion domes of icon-laden cathedrals seem ok to eat. As Russians celebrate the festive season on Epiphany of Our Lord, you’ll end up getting a double helping of Christmas spirit.



6. Christmas in Egypt


Egypt is always an amazing destination to visit at any time of the year but at Christmas, it will be more and more interesting! Holidays are all about adventurous and fun tours to a number of the foremost highly requested cities in Egypt. The temperature, the moderate weather, and the outstanding beaches, all of this and more are in Egypt waiting for you, when you visit Egypt at Christmas, you will not just attend the new year celebrations, you also will see the ancient monuments, old attractions, and the historical museums. 


There are a lot of places you can visit in Egypt and celebrate the vibes of Christmas there, for example, you can visit Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan, Alexandria, Cairo, and of course the pyramids! 

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7.  Dubai


Officially Christmas is coming! Starting from the lighted streets, to meet Santa Clause, to the admirable beaches, there is a lot to do in Dubai uring the Christmas! You can watch a movie in the snow mountains at Ski Dubai, or you can have a beach picnic in the middle of December with your family and your kids, you can also eat all the famous Christmas food like Pizza, Roast Turkey onion Rings all month long! 


From Christmas shopping bonanza to Christmas-themed performances, Dubai offers essentially everything for everybody. And the surprise is you'll be able to take part in the Dubai Shopping Festival! Ranging from 15 December 2023 to 29 January 2024, you'll participate in the fabulous Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).





8.  Hong Kong


In December the town is shining with trinkets and lighted markets, Hong Kong does Christmas with unlimited life energy and magical vibes. You have a lot of attractions to visit in Hong Kong like the festivity-filled Disneyland which is simply half an hour from the city center. You also can enjoy the free nightly Victoria Harbour exhibit is usually dazzling, but skyscrapers go all out at now of the year with seasonal 3D projections and festive tunes. 



9. Morocco 


Have you ever asked yourself If Morocco will be a good choice for spending your Christmas vacation? I think If you are searching for crowded lighted streets, music concerts, singing nights, and Christmas trees everywhere, Morocco will not your perfect choice because Christmas in Morocco is much quieter than in any other destination. If you are searching for a place to chill out or to escape and get relaxed, Morocco is the best place to visit.

The weather in December in Morocco is amazing and so good to celebrate new year's eve, especially in Marachesh where the warm weather during the day which helps you to walk in the Moroccan markets and enjoy the Moroccan vibes. 


Whether you're in search of Christmas lights, shows, Ice skating, or Traditional Markets, with this guide to the best destinations to visit in the Christmas season, you will find iconic Christmas activities in each one! Keep these destinations in mind for a final getaway before the end of 2023!


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