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Planning for your honeymoon in Egypt? It's the best decision ever! You will have the great opportunity to visit the best spots in Egypt with your partner. Marriage is often a stressful process and after the party, you will definitely need to chill out and compensate for the effort and the time you take in this process! Egypt is the land of Pharaohs and this magical destination will give you a lifetime trip, you will never forget.


All honeymooners usually go through familiar honeymoon destinations like Bali, Maldives, Greece, or Italy, but If you are searching for an Exceptional trip, Egypt with its amazing culture and historical sites is the perfect one for you! 


Know more about how to spend a honeymoon in Egypt


Egypt is known for its attractions and relaxation spots, which will help you to chill and recreate your mood. I think you will need to know that Egypt is a budget-friendly destination that has great places to visit with less money and more enjoyment! 


We will help you to get the best program in Egypt for your honeymoon, with the most preferable 5 spots for any couple and the perfect details you will need to know. 




5 best places to spend your perfect honeymoon in Egypt!


1. Enjoy your honeymoon in the gorgeous Sharm El-Shaikh


Are you and your partner enthusiast in diving and scuba diving? Sharm El-Shaikh has the best diving spots in the world. It's a good option for a new couple on the honeymoon as it's an isolated city from the crowded streets and the capital so you will find the chance to relax, and discover the simple life while enjoying the water sports and watching the fabulous coral reefs! 


A lot of activities in Sharm El-Sheikh you can do with your partner like Snorkeling, Scuba diving in the heart of the pure sea, having a Kayak boat ride or you can amazingly swim with the friendly dolphins there.


Also, you can visit Dahab which is 50 Km from Sharm El-Shaikh as its located in the south of Sinai, Dahab is a great destination for the honeymoon and also you can have a day tour there enjoy barbeque and ride a camel in the sunset to the romantic blue lagoon.


You'll have the chance to gain more excitement and enjoyment to travel on a safari between the mountain peaks of the amazing Red Sea. You'll enjoy all this superiority at an extremely special time in the sunset, where you'll enjoy a breathtaking experience together with your lover!



2. Explore the magical city " Hurghada " 


If you wish to isolate yourself from the bustling city and the crowded areas, Hurghada is the best choice for you. The destination of the honeymoon you're searching for is Hurghada, it's unique in itself as an exceptional atmosphere and contains virtue and purity of the air that refreshes your spirit. 


Hurghada is a stunning honeymoon destination for Egyptians and foreigners the same. It has exceptional beaches, the best corals, and beaches in the Red Sea. The location of this magical city is exclusive by being covered by the precious nature of all the destinations that allow you to enjoy the sand dunes that cause you to want to run along such yellow-blond sands, characterized by water it's the world’s most beautiful thistle.



 3. The Exceptional Agiba Beach in Marsa Matrouh


Agiba Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Marsa Matrouh, Now of course you are wondered about the name of the beach but Agiba means “miracle or blessing” in the Arabic language, and Agiba beach is located about 26 km west of Marsa Matrouh, simply it’s accessible only via a path leading down from the clifftop, where it conveys plenty of privacy, isolation, and distance from the bluster of traffic and allows you to enjoy with your lover during a very unique and adds to the tremendous opportunities to require pictures in such places and amazing times that are outstanding!



4. Ain Sukhna


The beautiful Ain Sokhna town or the Hot springs in Egypt is located in the Suez governorate, around 120 Km from Cairo. It's a hidden gem with a magical beauty for the red sea beaches. It's an admirable romantic destination for any traveler type and it will your honeymoon perfectly. 

Ain Sokhna is nearby sulfur hot springs streaming from Mountain Ataka, the highest mountain in the Eastern Desert. Which will give the chance to get a view from this unique location and a sunny destination throughout the year with exquisite waves of the sea, also as totally an hour from the capital of Egypt, Cairo.


There are a lot of activities you can do in Ain Sokhna as it has pure crystal water, golden sand, and perfect beaches for a holiday, all of that will give you the opportunity to experience the best diving in the Red Sea and the exceptional sand boarding and skating! You can also visit the Sulpher springs and start climbing Gebal Ataka.


5. Luxor and Aswan and the Golden Era 


When you are in Egypt, of course, you need to don't miss the trip to Luxor and Aswan! Luxor and Aswan will give you the opportunity to explore the history of this old country with your partner and it will be a new option for spending your honeymoon in Egypt! It's really an embarrassing chance to see the best of Luxor and Aswan from monuments and old Egyptian traditions. 


Now, you are in the world's greatest museum as you know Luxor has more than one-third of the monuments around the world, and a lot of temples there are found on the east and the west of the bank of the Nile river. You can visit a lot of amazing historical places in Luxor like The Temple of Hatshepsut, The Valley of Kings, and Karnak Temple. Karnak Temple is the second most visited site in Egypt as its one of the best things to do in Luxor, It has four main sections with a special ticket to enter. 


Luxor and Aswan have a lot of places to see and a lot of things to do, Just pack your bags and be ready for this special historical tour! 


What are the best honeymoon resorts in Egypt?


  • Sahl Hasheesh: Sahl Hasheesh is known for its sandy beaches and the unique resorts and hotels you can stay at! Sahl Hasheesh is around 20 Km from the south of Hurghada airport. The lovely beaches there and the magical coral reefs you will see while diving in the Red Sea with a range of colorful unfamiliar fishes that will encourage you to make snorkeling and sea diving. 


  • Soma Bay: Its know for its Golden sandy beaches, and its around 40 Km from Hurghada, with its pure and clear sea, and exquisite housing.


  • Sharm El Sheikh: As we mentioned before, Sharm El Sheikh is the Paradise of Egypt where you will enjoy a romantic honeymoon with the best of Egypt! 


If you prefer to spend your honeymoon in Egypt, a gorgeous and quiet place, away from crowds! Don’t miss the opportunity through Memphis Tours to help with the simplest Honeymoon Packages in Egypt.


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