Christmas is purely a magical time of the year when you can feel the festive fervor in the surrounding, replete with the fragrance of pine trees and the melodious sound of traditional carols. While it’s unarguably true that there’s no place like home during Christmas, there are some places that will make you feel at home and bless you with an incredible yet different Christmas experience. 

If you plan to visit a place that's not completely swamped with tourists during this Christmas holiday, then the Middle East is the place to be at. Packing your suitcase and taking a flight to prime Christmas destinations in the Middle East is going to set a benchmark for your next Christmas holiday. Here we’ve master-crafted a sorted list of Middle East destinations to land in this December. 



Find Keys to the Kingdom at Habtoor Palace, Dubai 

Do not miss the chance to be the king and queen plus rule the kingdom in Dubai. The palace will be hosting a mesmerizing market that will involve a large variety of Christmas Holiday Deals and celebrations all the while. From truly delightful feasts to graceful dance performances to adventurous rides, the palace becomes home to a variety of engrossing activities this Christmas. 


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What's more, you may ask? The answer: Santa accompanied by his little elves will be welcomed with great enthusiasm and energy that adds to the Christmas vibe and ultimately turn the place into the ancient era? Also, all this will be boosted by the highlighted Christmas trees, decorations, and choirs being sung within your Holiday in Dubai.


Get Over the Moon with Burj Khalifa

There is no doubt about the fact, that there aren’t any such and equivalent to  Dubai New Year Packages with the celebration that takes place at Burj Khalifa. The place is home to all the super and special occasions being celebrated in the best manner irrespective of anything. 
With the prime new effects and elements, there can be the birth of extraordinary fireworks marking the occasion’s specialty. There could not be any other wonder to eyes for taking a look at this momentous skyscraper. 

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Turn Turkish This Year at Pamukkale


For sure, Turkey is home to a merrier and unique Christmas, especially at Pamukkale. As referred the Cotton Castle, the ancient place has so much to explore during this time of the year. 
The best part for visiting the destination is it owns some of the most treasured views in the entire world. It’s an incredibly pleasant experience to gain! This cotton palace has beautiful thermal pools that are high in minerals and huge remains of the city can be seen as well. 


Be the Center of Attraction at Ephesus 

Not to ignore the most common thing about Ephesus would be how at one point in time the place is the epicenter of a lot of things which eventually means one can enjoy being at the center of the world. What’s more: this ancient city gives birth to a lot of remains easily. Numerous temples are present here. A Book of Revelations has also included Ephesus in one of the must-visit seven churches of Asia. 



Enjoy the Christmas Warmth at Cairo, Egypt 


Christmas celebration at Cairo hotels is like celebrating Christmas in an oasis of greenery and lakes right in the heart of Egypt. The weather could not be better felt during the year.

Ranging from the mouth-watering food to superb activities to gorgeous decorations, Christmas in Cairo, Egypt is sure to cast a spell on you. Moreover, savoring authentic Egyptian cuisine in the green setting with company and sorts of celebrations for a Christmas experience like no other.  And Santa Claus' presence with beautifully packed gifts is sure to be the highlight of the stay, especially for the tiny-tots!



Snowpack Christmas at Manali 

 Nothing could be compared to a snowy Christmas in Manali. The place is all jam-packed with snow during this time of the festival which turns into a major spirit of the occasion. All along, it seems as if nature is itself singing for Christmas with the beautiful snowfall.

The pine trees, fairy lights, powdery snow and the miraculous activities going around the city add up more to the special time and lifts the Christmas spirit. Enjoying the festival amid nature may seem a bubble, nonetheless getting on this fool’s paradise would prove to be a glittering Christmas-y experience! 


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