Egypt Wiki Travel and History Guide

Where is Egypt? Who Built the Pyramids? Where to go? Check this Egypt travel Guide and History information. All That You Need to Know in this Egypt Wikitravel.

Egypt travel information and sightseeing guide. general information about most of the sightseeing attractions all over Egypt. Memphis Tours Egypt provide you with wiki travel info. planning your trip through the whole country of Egypt from the Mediterranean to the Southmost at Abu Simbel, and from the Western Desert and Oases to the Red Sea and Sinai East of Egypt.

History of Egypt

Ancient Egypt Facts and History are a brief overview tells you about the greatest History of Egypt and inspire you to explore Egypt's past. Know more!

Egypt Travel Info

Need to know Information about Egypt?!  Here is your guide to discover Egypt from the ancient times to the modern era

Transportation guide in Egypt

There are many different ways to get around Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm, Hurghada, Luxor and many other cities in Egypt using the local transport.Everything you need to know about Transportation in Egypt is listed here.

Egypt Tourist Attractions

When you visit Egypt, You should know about many amazing sights to visit before you go. Let's discover them with simple reading with Memphis Tours. Check out now.

Famous Mosques in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its historical and famous Mosques mainly in Cairo as its known with the name of the 1000 Minarets which refers to the huge number of mosques in Egypt's Capital, Cairo.

Egypt Pyramids

Egypt has more than 100 pyramids, each one has a unique diffrent story. The pyramids helps us in knowing about life in Ancient Egypt in a better way.

Cairo Attractions

Information about Cairo attractions, the history of Cairo and all of the most significant sites around the city that never sleeps

Alexandria Attractions

Information about the history of Alexandria (Egypt's largest seaport) and all of the most significant sites around the city

Luxor Attractions

Information about the history of Luxor (World's Finest Open Air Museum) and all of the most significant sites around the city

Aswan Attractions

Information about Aswan history and all of the most significant sites around the city of Aswan south of Egypt

Nile Valley

Information about all of the most famous sites that you will see traveling through the Nile Valley in Egypt

Red Sea and Sinai

Information about the resorts and touristic cities on Egypt’s Red Sea coast and in the Sinai Peninsula and Sharm El-Sheikh

Egypt Oases

Information about the culture and tourism activities that are available in the deserts and oases of Egypt. Egypt Desert

Ports of Call

Information about all of the ports of call in Egypt where your cruiseship might be docking and the adventures available on shore excursions

Golf in Egypt

Information about the premier golf courses throughout Egypt in Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, and Sinai
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