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Egypt is a magical country that's teeming with myths, legends, and amazing antiquities. 'The Land of Pharaoh’ has been in globetrotter’s radar for eons due to the presence of incredible human feats and nature’s wonders. With logic-defying Pyramids of Giza, the world’s longest river of Nile, and scintillating beaches along the famous coral reefs of the Red Sea, Egypt is brimming with diverse marvels of Mother Nature that will leave you completely speechless. 


While you can soak in the essence of the Egyptian Civilization any time of the year, it's best to visit the country in November. Why you may ask? The answer: Egyptian weather is exceptionally pleasant in this month and you won’t have to tolerate the scorching summer heat.  Here we give you a sneak peek into why you should book a flight to Egypt and take pleasure in the Luxurious Nile Cruises in November.



November Nile Cruise


If you are a luxury lover then one of the must-do activities when in Egypt is sailing across the River Nile- the longest river of the world! Marveling the stunning surrounding in its pristine natural form, while cruising in the month of November is unquestionably the best way to unravel the beauty of the ancient Egyptian civilization.  With warm, sunny daytime and cool, breezy evenings, you will experience pleasant weather during your stay. In fact, the highest temperature in the day time reaches from mid to high 20-degree centigrade.


Take delight in the unparalleled experience


The incomparable River Nile Cruising from Luxor to Aswan over an amazing course of a few days will definitely give you a chance to discover the non-touristic but authentic facet of Egypt- the life of ordinary natives which otherwise goes unnoticed while visiting tourist hotspots! From fishermen casting their nets at dawn as they haul in their catch to children frantically race the traditional boats along the shore to witness the stunning sunset of incredible warm colors, you will feel the deep, inexplicable connection with this magical land of Egypt where Pharaohs reigned for millennia. 


Marvel the Magnificent Monuments


Cruising on the Nile isn't just limited to leisurely sailing across the longest river; you will also get an opportunity to walk on land and amaze at the ancient temples and complexes that narrate the rich history of Egypt. You will totally get immersed in the treasures you will get to see at the world-famous archeological sites. Cruising is going to accentuate your inherent pleasure of exploring the real Egypt in the most convenient way when in Egypt. 

What’s even better is the fact that you can unfold the mysteries of a great civilization while you take some wonderful stereotypical photographs and enthusiastically shop the souvenirs to bring back and cherish the once-in-a-lifetime River Nile Cruise. For instance, most Nile cruises have a halt at Giza on their itinerary so you can appreciate the magnificent mausoleums internationally renowned as the Pyramids that were skillfully constructed approximately 4,500 years ago.


Visit the Valley of Kings, Luxor


The icing on the cake to your much-awaited Nile cruising experience is a visit to the Valley of Kings in Luxor. The underground Pharaoh burial site is a beautiful abode teeming with brilliant paintings, glorious hieroglyphics and adorned tombs filled with funerary objects. This excursion ashore will definitely leave you in awe and be etched in your memory for years to come. And after the unforgettable time, you can get onboard and simply unwind as you feel the cool river breeze brush against your skin.



Revel in the Middle Eastern hospitality


In addition to gazing at Egypt’s impassive beauty, not only can you watch the most extraordinary belly dancing but also partake yourself in the most mesmerizing dance. Also, how can you not feast on eating hummus and falafel that’s spread on hot flatbread which is straight out of the oven! The caricatured culture of Egypt is sure to leave a lasting mark in your memory.


Why Memphis Tour?


While you make up your mind to experience the most-talked-about Nile Cruise, it gets overwhelming to decide the cruise you would like to book and sail down the River Nile.  This is where 'Memphis Tours' comes to your rescue and assists you in finding the Best Nile Cruises that completely fits the bill. From Luxor Aswan Cruises to River Yacht Cruises to Nile Steamer Cruise, brace yourself to gain insightful experience in your Egypt visit. 

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