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Egyptian colloquial Arabic is different than any other Arabic language out there, Egyptians have a special way to say and to do things that you just cannot find anywhere else.

Being the lively and happy people that Egyptians are famous for when choosing Egypt as your travel destinations learning a little Egyptian Arabic will get you a long way and probably save you some money too.

Egypt’s population is big, 98,42 million and growing, a small percentage of this population speaks English and honestly is very common to find Egyptians who work in tourism that speaks over 3 fluent languages but you will find that a lot of people do not speak any other language and communication can get difficult at times, so learning a little Arabic is ideal and it will most likely be really fun as Egyptian Arabic is a beautiful language and not that difficult at all.

So what Egyptian Arabic should you learn while planning your magical trip to the land of the pharaohs?


Experience Talking like-Egyptian,

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Here is a list of 8 sentences and words that you should definitely learn before landing in Egypt:


Egyptians are very polite and they can be very generous too, a lot of people on the streets will happily stop what they are doing to help you with directions or simple things that you might need, for that reason learning Shokan is essential as Shokran is how to say thank you in Arabic.




While exploring the street of Egypt you will stumble on so many magnificent products and things you might have never seen it before, so learning how to ask for how much things cost can help you a whole lot so whenever you see something and you want to know the price you can just say “kam?” which translates to how much.



“Fein Hammam?”

While you walk the streets of Cairo and you are suddenly urged to use the bathroom learning how to ask for it should really most likely be a great idea, so whenever you need to find a near bathroom you can say “Fein Hammam?” which means where is the bathroom.



Egyptians are very polite and quite sensitive too so whenever asking for something is important to be as kind and nice as you can, so learning how to use “mumkim” can really do a great deal for whatever you are trying to ask for as “mumkin” translates to “can I please”.




Egypt is very hot at times and you will surely get thirsty so learning how to ask for something as essential as water is extremely helpful  so whenever you would like a water you can just say “mumkin maya” 



Whenever you would like to look cool and just feel like a local among your fellow Egyptian friends learning “Yzaayak?” is really the way to go, translating for “how are you doing” of just like “what’s up”, Yzzayak is key in Egyptian Arabic to know.



“Isma Ke?”

Whenever you meet a really cool Egyptian person and you want to get a little personal with them asking them for their name is the way to start, so learning “isma Ke?” is a very good way to start a conversation as it translates to what is your name?




If you close by at any Egyptian talking on their cellphones you will hear this word a lot, “mesh” is translated to OK so it’s highly used and it is also highly recommended for you to learn it while preparing for your Egyptian vacation.


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