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“L’Italia” like the Italians say, is one of the greatest countries in the world, with all of its history, food, architecture and all of the films dedicated to this magnificent country, “l'Italia è un Paese meraviglioso”. 

But Italy is facing one of the biggest crises since world war II, the Italian spirit is what has kept so many of them going during these difficult times. Italians are famous for its passion for getting together and sharing a meal, or for occupying the small stone streets of Italy until late hours of the night sharing “Un Aperitivo con il amici” but during the world circumstances Italians are now faced with the forced quarantine of their isolated selves at home.

But Italy has more than 2000 years of history and what has made the country into one of the number one choices for tourists around the world will survive further any crisis, Italy’s charms and magnificent locations make it for even more reasons to celebrate this wonderful country during this time in the world. Solo in Italia puoi giocare online a fantastici giochi da casinò online come Plinko, che è uno dei migliori giochi con soldi veri!

Virtual tours give you the possibility to still explore the world and awaken your travel senses while spending time safely at home and what better time to honor such an amazing country other than right now.

So where should you travel today? 

What are the best places to virtually visit in the country of Italy?


We have gathered the best options for a virtual tour you will not forget.


Rome, Italy 


1. The Roman Colosseum, Rome


Imagine if traveling back in time was real? Well, it kind of is, cause that’s the exact feeling you have as walking the streets of the Colosseum.  

Located in the worldly famous city of Rome, the Colesseum was built around 80 AD and it used to host around 50000 spectators who would come to watch the famous gladiator battles in the ancient Roman Empire.

Looking from the outside The Colesseum is really like no other building you have ever seen, with its original form almost intact and walking the inside of the giant arena its definitely like going back in time, something you can now somehow experience from home.



Venice, Italy 


1. The Grand Canal by Gondola, Venice


Also located in the magnificent city of Venice in the North East of Italy, the grand canal is one of the most popular attractions for tourists visiting the city of “Venezia”. 

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, Venice was originally built around more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic sea. Composed of no roads and only canals, the best way to get around the city is to ride the famous gondolas. 

The most famous canal in the city of Venice is the Grand Canal, being the major water -traffic corridor in the city. Navigating the Gand canal by gondola is one of the favorites tourist attratcions in the city and on the way you will see the Rialto Bridge, Constitution 
Bridge, Ponte dell’Academia, Ponte della Liberta and the Ponte Degli Scalzi making the Grand Canal by gondola a great option for a virtual tour.


2. St Mark Basilica, Venice


Overlooking the Mediterranean sea in one of te most magnificent cities in Italy, the St Mark Basilica in the famous city of Venice is a wonderful choice for a virtual tour.

A famous work of the Italo-Byzantine architecture style with its pointy towers and the presence of so many details.

The construction of the st Mark Basilica started in the 11th century and lasted all the way to the 13th century, 200 years of the most elaborate architectural work.

Nowadays tourists come from all over the world to watch the famous sunset from the St Mark Basilica. 


3. Natural History Museum, Venice

Located in the City of Venice il Museo di Storia Natural di Venezia is a natural history museum housed in the Fondaco dei Turchi, in the Grand Canal of Venice, Italy which was funded in 1923.
With its exhibitions relating mainly to the Venetian Lagoo that surrounds the city of Venice, it is a great option for a virtual tour.  


4. The Museo Fortuny, Venice


The Museum Palazzo of Fortuny is an art museum that makes it for a great virtual tour. Located in the city of Venezia the museum is housed in the Palazzo Pesaro Orfei.

The museum is famous for once being the place where famous Italian artist Mariano Fortuny had a studio in the late 19ths century.



The City of Pisa, Italy


The Leaning Tower of Pisa 


Located in the city of Pisa, a fascinating piece of ancient architecture, the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands strong since 1173. Thousands of tourists come to see the magnificent work of Italian architect  Bonanno Pisano every year and now you can see it too.

After surviving 4 strong earthquakes since 1280, despite its awkward shape, researchers decided to investigate the phenomenon regarding the Tower of Pisa and its mysterious strength, the studies have concluded that the tower was able to withstand the earthquakes due to the dynamic soil-structure interaction with the tower, so the height and stiffness of the tower combined with the soft soil underneath avoid the tower of being impacted by the tremor.

Funny fact is that the soil itself is the cause of the leaning shape of the tower, so we can guess that architects and engineers knew what they were doing thousands of years ago.


Milan Cathedral, Milan

Famously known in Italy by the “Duomo di Milano” located in the fashion metropolitan city of Milan, the Milan Cathedral construction started in 1386 and the final details in 1965 taking nearly six centuries to be completed. 

The Cathedral was dedicated to the Nativity of St Mary and is today the seat for the currently Archbishop Mario Delpini. The Gothic architecture used to the construction of the Milan Cathedral attracts thousands of visitors gathering around the Piazza del Uomo to take pictures of the famous monument. 


The Almafi Coast 


Located in the province of Salermo, the Almafi coast is a 50 km coastline stretch of breathtaking views down the southern edge of Italy in the region of the Campania.

A famous destination among social media travel influencers with its Mediterranean sea views, the Almafi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and if not in the world. 

Along the coast, the road is easy to spot pastel color villas, terra vineyards, and lemon groves, painting the horizon in beautiful colors mixed with the beautiful Mediterranean sea making the Almafi coast a great option for a virtual tour.



Mount Etna, Sicily

Located on the east coast of the famous city of Sicily in Italy, Mount Etna is an active volcano in the middle of the metropolitan cities of  Catania and Messina. Its position along the African Plate and the Eurasian Place causes the volcano to be active up to this day.
Mount Etna has an elevation of 3,350 meters and occupates an area of 1,190 square meters and with its last eruption, still ongoing the Mount Etna volcano makes it for a great option for a virtual tour,  as will be able to watch the marvelous active larva while safe in the comfort of your home.

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