The world is truly a fascinating place and for those who travel the concept of normal just does not exist. 

Culture defines people’s ways of living and from a place to another, these ways can be completely on the opposite sides.

So what are the craziest things you ever have seen or heard about some of the craziest places that you could visit?

What wow factors have shocked travelers while they visited some of the most interesting places on Earth? 



Here is a list of our 5 interesting facts about 4 interesting destinations around the world:

Bali, Indonesia 


1. No creativity when it comes to names

When it comes to naming newborns Balinese have a vast name list of only 4 names, Wayan, Made, Nyoman, and Ketut, which means firstborn second born third born and fourth born and those names are regardless of gender. 


2. Babies are carried all the time

Balinese babies are carried everywhere as they aren’t allowed to touch the ground until they reach the 3 months old mark.


3. Watch out for Monkey thieves 

Bali monkeys are cute but watch out to your belonging as they are also calculating thieves and they are interested in all kinds of belongings from glasses, selfie poles, flip flops, and more expensive gadgets as cellphone jewelry and possibly babies. So on that note, don’t mistake their cuteness for naivety and appreciate them but from afar.


4 - Bali is home to the most expensive coffee in the World

Called Kopi Luwak, this coffee is definitely not your everyday coffee, made out of gold, just joking, but you just might think so since once cup of Kopi Luak can cost up to 50 US dollars. Made out of coffee beans that grow only on a special cat compost this coffee is something else.


5 -   Bali is Home to a Bamboo Chocolate factory

Made internally out of bamboo, the Bamboo Chocolate Factory is a huge building that operates a chocolate factory and is open to visitors who are interested in seeing the only bamboo chocolate factory in the world.



Tokyo, Japan


1. Tokyo Is a Shopping Paradise 

Tokyo offers tax-free shopping which makes  Tokyo the number one destination in the world. Tokyo’s world-renowned shopping district has major labels as Cartier, Chanel, and Bulgari.


2. Tokyo is a Foodie’s Paradise 

Having the most top-rated restaurants in the world, Tokyo is food heaven. Tokyo is home to over 14 three-star Michelin restaurants making Tokyo every foodie’s dream

3. Tokyo is Home to the world’s most expensive hotel room

The Ritz Carton Hotel in Tokyo has the world’s most expensive hotel room. Designed by Frank Nicholson one single night can cost around 15,500 English pounds for a suit.


4. Tokyo is home to the Busiest Intersection in the world 

The Shibuya Crossing intersection in Tokyo is famous for being the busiest intersection in the world, at its peak over 1000 people can be seen crossing the intersection at the same time.


5. Tokyo is BIG

Considered the largest metropolitan in the world, Tokyo has over 36 million people all over its 3 prefectures.



Barcelona, Spain


1. The Beaches in Barcelona are Artificial 

Until 1992 Barcelona had no beaches. The coastline that belongs to Barcelona was occupied by industries and the city was to host the Olympic games. Now Barcelona has 7 beaches along its coastline and some of them were considered one of the best beaches in the world.


2.  The Church Of Sagrada Familia has taken longer to build than the Great Pyramid

Taken only 20 years to build the Great Pyramids were a breeze compared to the 200 years that it was necessary to build the Church of Sagrad Familia. The reason might have been that the church height is close to 984 meters.


3. There are 12 Abandoned Metros in Barcelona and they are Haunted 

Famous as The Ghosts Trains, 12 abandoned subways in Barcelona attracts curious tourists from all over. Many of those who have visited these abandoned tracks claim that they saw shadows and shapes of ghosts.


4. The Torre Eifel Was Designed to Be In Barcelona

Gustave Eiffel’s plans for the Eiffel Tower were initially to have the tower built in the city of Barcelona but accordingly to the Spanish authorities the architect’s project was too much and did not go well with the rest of the city’s landscape.


5. Barcelona is home to the first Ice bar In the world

Located on the Barcelona’s El Somorrostro Beach, and initially opened in 2007, Icebarcelona is the first-ever ice bar on the beach.



 Machu Picchu, Peru


1. Machu Picchu It is dangerous when it rains

After really heavy rain in January 2010, the Machu Picchu site was closed for three months. The 4000 locals and visitors who were on the top of the mountain during the storm had to be rescued by an airlift.

2. Machu Picchu was carefully designed to survive earthquakes

The Machu Picchu dits on top of two fault lines which cause a series of earthquakes, but due to its strategic location, it allows the stones to bounce through the tremors. If that wasn’t the case Machu Picchu would be long history now.


3.  Machu Picchu was designed so people could hide 

Due to the way Machu Picchu sits in the mountain, it can’t be seen from below. Consequently, it was one of the only cities built during the Inca civilization that survived the Spanish conquest. 

4.  Machu Picchu is the star ruin in South America

Being South America’s most famous ruin and Peru’s most visited attraction Machu Picchu is the star of South America and it has a visitor limit of 2,500 per day and visitors must obtain a permit and a guide to hiking the Inca Trail.

5.  A lot of remainings of Ancient Machu Picchu is under the US possession

For a while now the Peruvian government has been trying to get the US to return over 40 thousand artists collected by Hiram Bingham which are now located at Yale University. Some of these items are mummies, bones, ceramics, and precious metals.


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