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It seems that the worst has passed regarding this pandemic the whole world has gone through in 2020. We are now catching our breaths to go back to a world post-COVID 19. But is there a normal world after all that, we have experienced?

The WTTC is taking severe measurements to make sure that people’s health can be protected while we get back to doing what we love, TRAVEL,  while staying safe as much as we can.

Get back to your travel plans and check the safe destinations with the WTTC Safely Travels Stamp by the side of adopting the new health standards for a safe and complete experience around the world.

So what cities have you missed the most during the quarantine and where are you rushing too now that we can resume traveling again?

Here is a list of the 19 cities we have missed the most and where we will be heading to now:


1 - Milan, Italy


“Ciao Bella”, the gorgeous city of Milan, capital of fashion and amazing architecture, a city to fall in love while walking the streets of the Piazza Duomo shopping the best designer clothes. We missed the city for the last period but its time for planning to visit Italy, Milan we are coming for you!


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2 - Barcelona, Spain


With its iconic architecture and its famous tapas bar, meaning tapas food, Barcelona it is gorgeous and we love you, and I hope that you are ready for it because we will be popping in for a visit soon.


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3 -  Paris, France


“Jet ‘aime” Paris, the city of love, the city of the Eiffel tower, coffee, and croissant. While the world was in chaos we have dreamed of your streets, the love, the lights, and the magic city of Paris.



4 - London, Uk


The city of bangers and mash, baked beans, the big bang, and the famous saga of “Sherlock Holmes”. The world missed the city of the Queen and where ou beloved Princess Diana once lived, as the world is getting back to normal London is on our mind and we will visit it very soon.



5 - Seoul, South Korea


The “It” place among the tech world, Seoul it’s in our minds as we plan our first trip after the COVID 19. A huge metropolis that is now ready to host you “tech cool” travelers.



6 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Famous for its shopping variety and its gorgeous deserts, the world has missed Dubai and its lively nights. Dubai we are on our way.


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7 - New Delhi, India


The famous capital of India, New Delhi reflects all that India is about, and its magnificent culture, food, and architecture are waiting for you after the pandemic. 


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8 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Home to some of the most gorgeous skyscrapers in the world, Kuala Lumpur it’s on our minds while thinking of traveling once again.



9 - Marrakech, Morroco


With its gorgeous luxury hotels, we miss the exotic world of Marrakech, with its delicious foods and beautiful ceramic colors. Marrakech is on our list of the most missed destinations.


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10 - Istanbul, Turkey


One of the greatest cities in the world, Istanbul has it all, coastlines, mountains, culture, culinary and great nightlife, a mixture to a perfect destination.


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11 - Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is home to some of the most fascinating inventions, but despite its advance in technology some traditions have survived thousands of years in Tokyo and the food is one of the greatest food in the world, Tokyo we missed you and we cant wait to see you.



12 - Antalya - Turkey 


Summer is here and who doesn’t want to just sit and relax by the gorgeous beaches of the resort city Antalya??? Everyone!


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13 - Osaka, Japan


Famous for its lively nightlife, delicious street foods, and some of the most modern architectures in the world, Osaka is on our list of cities we cant wait to see it after the pandemic.



14. Carved City of Petra

The city is half-built, half-carved into the desert rocks, which makes for a majestic combination of natural and manmade architecture. One thing not to miss is seeing Petra by night, as the dim lights and looming rocks make for a mystical experience. This archaeological site is absolutely spectacular. Its rosy-red rock halls date to about 300 B.C.E., and it was the capital of the ancient Nabataean Kingdom.


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15 - Phuket, Thailand 


One of the most gorgeous places in the world with paradisiac beaches Pukhet is hot on our list of the countries we just can’t wait to visit after the pandemic.



16 - Bangkok, Thailand


The crazy-busy streets of Bangkok are something quite unique for travelers who once been there before, and its no coincidence Bangkok is home to the biggest fair market in the world the Chatuchak Weekend Market.



17 - Cairo, Egypt


The city with more treasures and mysteries than any other place on earth, Cairo was missed during the pandemic, but the pyramids and all of the amazing things in Cairo are now waiting for us to come to visit.


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18 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain


A paradisiac coastal city in Spain, Palma de Mallorca is the place to be during the European summer, and we are now so excited to come for a visit.



19 - Bali, Indonesia 


How could we not have missed Bali, with its great surf, tropical beaches, delicious food, and super hospitable people, we ain’t waiting another day, see you later I’m going to Bali.


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