Kite Beach Dubai

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One of the best beaches in Dubai which is “Kite Beach”, situated across the way from the Al Manara Road Junction. With watersport speculators available along the sand, you can rent equipment and test your skills against the emerald waters of the stunning Arabian Gulf. Afternoons are best for those who want to challenge the details, as that’s when the wind picks up and the waves follow suit. As we know, beaches are one of the beautiful places on earth for vacations especially on Summer, but if you are plan to have the summer in Dubai, you will find the best beaches there, one of them is Kite beach which is filled with fun activities, your joy, and your happiness don’t only stop in the water sports, but you will get to enjoy volleyball, tennis, football, skateboarding and much more! 


This place has Dubai’s largest skateboarding park!


You will find various events there going on, for the whole year. When you are walking on the beach, you will find the best view of Burj Al Arab which overlooks the skyline of the marvelous city. You will find the ultimate relaxation, with your friends and family on this beach. 
You must be thinking about what other things than tennis, surfing, and water sports are available on this beach, what’s so special about it and what’s make it worthy to visit?

You must know that this beach is named “Kite” because people love to fly kites in the sky. Once you are there, you will find thousands of colors surfing in the sky, and they are not huge birds, but kites! Also, if you are an amateur kite surfer, you can get training there! So, have you decided to visit this place yet? If yes then, let’s know more useful things about this Kite beach in Dubai.

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Paddleboarding in Dubai

A popular hobby in the UAE, this famous watersport is good for your abs and your peace of mind. Who started it? It began thousands of years ago in the Pacific Islands where natives carved boards and oars so they could travel from island to island. Why does it? It’s a wonderful and chilled introduction to board sports.


The length and width of the board are generous, which makes balancing easier than on a surfboard. It’s a great workout, while you’re squatting slightly working the legs and your muscles, your core is engaged and your arms are working the paddle. Wouldn’t you love to see the green water and the corals under it? Of course, you would! Then, you must go to paddleboarding. An only a single person can get on the surfboards, and then they are given a paddle to explore the mesmerizing water.



Skating in Dubai

As summer starts heating up, one of the most common questions you will ask for yourself: where to go ice skating in Dubai? Appreciations to 3 top-class ice rinks in Dubai, ice skating is one of the best indoor activities for summer in Dubai. In here, you will get 3100 square feet of skating area. You will get railroads, hills, and slopes of ice, and you will get everything, just skate away! 

It is no secret that Dubai has a hot desert climate almost all year round, except during winters when the weather gets nice. This makes it common for people to dress for summers. It’s all right to wear whatever you want when you’re outdoors in Dubai, but when you’re going ice skating, be a little more careful about what you wear. Because regardless of the temperatures outdoors, indoor ice rinks in Dubai will be freezing cold.


What is the dress code for ice skating rinks in Dubai?


  • Make sure you are completely fully covering your body.
  • Avoid wearing skirts or shorts. If you do, wear woolen leggings to cover your legs.
  • Wear closed shoes to avoid freezing.
  • You should not wear any piece of clothing that is too long or anything that hangs or trails.



Are you getting hungry after all of this?

After all the paddle boarding, ice skating, and kite surfing, your stomach must be complaining. So, what to do? Why don’t you check those food trucks! The smell of delicious food will direct you to the truck automatically. Taste the tasty sliders and lotus softy. Foodies are spoilt for choice with eating options, from burgers, Asian and Arab dishes, kebabs and hot dogs right through to sweet treats, all the tastes are there. Indulge in frozen smoothies, fast-food favorites, and delicious dishes in a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere.


The waterpark

Kite beach has its fascinating Water park, and if you are traveling with your kids then this is the best place for them. You can play with your kids in the park or you can enjoy the sea, all will be possible and available.

Just want to relax?

If you want just lie in the sun, relax and people watch, Kite Beach is also for you. What makes Kite Beach unique is that you can choose between the busy area or the quiet one. The beach is spacious and even when it is busy you can always find a place to retreat to.
Umbrellas are available for rent for a small fee, sunbed too. The other advantage of this beach is the fantastic view of Burj Al Arab and if the visibility is good you can even see Burj Khalifa in the distance. Dubai is blessed with long areas of golden sands that can be enjoyed at no cost whatsoever, so you don’t always have to splash out on a beach club to catch some rays.


Timings of the Kite beach

If you want to visit this place in Dubai, you have to know the opening and closing times.
It’s open on, Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am to 12 midnight, and on Thursday to Saturday: 10 am to 1 am.
Make sure you have your swimming gear, your surfboard, and sunscreen with you to beat the heat. Then, enjoy the Kite beach of Dubai by all means.

Dubai‘s Kite Beach is the most popular, and in my opinion, the best beach in the city. Once a quiet enclave for fisherman, kite surfers and paddleboarders. Why is the best beach? Kite Beach offers something for everyone.