Dubai Water Canal

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Dubai, the city of wonders and superlatives, never hesitates to amaze the world and itself, in terms of what is possible and what is not. With a man-made island, a snowpark in a mall, the world’s tallest building, and sky scrappers, and a 7-star hotel, this Emirate has shown us time and time again that anything is possible. And yet again, they have outstretched the imagination of man and created the Dubai water Canal, a 3.2 kilometer-long waterway, stretching from the Creek in Old Dubai all the way to the Arabian Gulf!


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The Dubai Water Canal one of the most popular artificial canals in the middle east. It’s considered one of Dubai’s most expensive and environment-friendly projects. Yes that’s right, the lights used in the canal are completely solar-powered and apart from being just an attraction, the canal works as a functional transportation system and provides great connectivity within the city itself. One can cross through the canal on a boat or yacht, but to truly enjoy the experience, sitting atop a traditional Arabic Dhow or an Abra would be the ideal way to go.

Since its opening in 2017, the Dubai Water Canal has become one of the most popular attractions in the city, and one which represents the emirate’s commitment to innovative engineering. While the colorful waters of the Dubai Canal are certainly beautiful, there’s a lot more to this marvel than what meets the eye.


All you need to know about Dubai water canal

The Dubai Water Canal is a sight to view, it stretches clearly for 3.2 kilometers, cutting through Dubai’s main road, the Sheikh Zayed Road. Ranking in width from 80 to 120 meters, the canal cuts across Safa Park and falls into the residential Jumeirah district. From there it flows into the Arabian Gulf, where it completes its journey. Along with Dubai, Canal is the 12-kilometer-long Marais Business Bay Promenade, which provides lots of space to walk, skate and enjoy other relaxation activities.


Facilities Available at Dubai Canal

There are charging stations (lots of it) and there's free WiFi too! There's nothing much to do in Dubai Water Canal as of the moment other than taking a long round and watching the city parades its contemporary glory. The view of the Dubai skyline is amazing from the banks of the canal, and the lately built bridges were just as astounding! 

  • There are 5 stroller bridges, of which 3 connect both sides of the canal, perfect for a comfortable stroll. The second bridge over the canal has a concrete slope for cyclists to use.
  • The area around the canal has dedicated footpaths, running tracks, cycling lanes, and sitting areas for the visitors to use and enjoy.
  • The canal also has smart charging stations ensuring that you’re never out of battery! Each of the pedestrian bridges has elevators on both sides.


Dubai Water Canal astonishing Footbridges

The canal is the ideal place for walkers. Every possible step has been taken to offer better amenities for those who come here by foot. There are a total of 5 footbridges over the canal. One of these is the S-shaped Tolerance Bridge which is over 200 meters long.
All of these footbridges are design marvels and have unique designs. The 120 meter Safa bridge hangs from two massive Y shaped piers. Metal cables connected to the piers bear the weight of the bridge floor. The third of these bridges is like a twisted-column of squares.


Dubai canal Abra ride

An abra is an ancient Emirati style of transportation. It has been used by Emiratis for generations, and it represents the culture of the United Arab Emirates. It is, therefore, a novel experience for tourists. Abra tours also start and end at Dubai Festival City Mall. However, the route differs from the Dubai Canal Cruise. As you move through the Canal, you will see the Ras Al Khor Sanctuary, Business Bay, Westin and St. Regis Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Business Bay Bridge, Sheikh Zayed Road Waterfall Bridge. Dubai Canal Abra Ride is an experience to be had at least once in your life!


Sights to see near the Dubai Water Canal

The canal is 120 meters wide in the widest part, 80 meters wide in the narrowest part, and is 6 meters in depth. There are a lot of things that attract visitors to the water canal area. There are more than enough things to satisfy joggers, gastronomers, couples out for a romantic evening, families, and youth. You will regularly see many joggers and cyclists near the boardwalk. The 12-kilometer cycling track offers a risk-free and inviting spot for riders, away from the traffic. The soaring skyscrapers of Al Habtoor city are on one end of Safa park near the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge. The construction of the Dubai water canal gave the Business bay a facelift making one of the main financial centers of Dubai also a tourist attraction.

Now, you have the golden chance to visit the Dubai Water Canal and experience it for yourself to the core. Right from the Palm Jumeirah Island to Burj Khalifa, no architecture in Dubai will fail to amaze you. And the same happened with the Dubai Water Canal!



Dubai Canal Location, Reaching and Visiting Time


You can reach the Dubai Water canal both by car or by the metro. While the metro will be the most convenient way.

  • By Metro

 This is the most convenient way of traveling to the Dubai Canal as we mentioned before. Simply take the red line going towards UAE exchange and drop off at Business Bay Station. Walk across the bridge to the other side of the road and head towards the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge, where you will find a lift beside the pathway, which will take you straight to the Dubai Water Canal.


  • By Car

If you are planning to come via car, go on the side of Sheikh Zayed Road leading towards Dubai World Trade Center. Right before you reach the elevated area of the highway, take the exit that is beside the St. Regis Hotel. This will lead you under the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge, where you can park your car head towards the canal.


  • Visiting Time Dubai Water Canal

Since it is a free and open area, there are no timings as such. Visitors are free to roam around the canal whenever they like, however, the waterfall show events between 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM