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Before airplanes were a thing Trains were one the most popular ways to travel long distances. 

The whole world was built pretty much through the cargo trains that traveled all over countries and even across continents transporting metals, bricks, wood, concrete, and also passengers.

Nowadays those who chose to use the railway instead of the airport to get to their destination do it for the pleasure of enjoying this centenary way of traveling.

So in modern times what are the best routes around the world where trains are still the best option when traveling?



Here is a list of the 5 best train routes around the world:

1. The Rivira Railway Cannes, France To Ventimiglia, Italy


Starting that the gorgeous region of Riviera City in France destined to arrive in the beautiful region of Ventimiglia in Italy, this route is one of the most beautiful train routes in the world. The train ride lasts a total of 90 minutes while you can enjoy the gorgeous coastal line of France and Italy overlooking the deep vast blue sea of the Mediterranean. This route is perfect for those wanting to visit the city of Nice and Monaco as the train stops in both cities and is for sure is a worth sightseeing experience.



2.The Sunset Limited New Orleans to Los Angeles, USA

The Sunset Limited is the oldest named train in America. With its route connecting the deep south area of New Orleans all the way to the incredible city of Los Angeles, the whole trip takes 2 days. The special thing about this train ride beside its gorgeous views is the diversity of the people aboard, ranging from musicians, farmers, teachers, and Amish carpenters, those aboard of this train ride are in for some fun times.



3. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Venice, Italy to London, UK

Famously known as the most famous train ride in the world, it is no coincidence the Venice Simplon Orient Express ahs several movies including its route. This train route is the way to go if you traveling around Europe and want to see a lot of landscapes and explore several countries at once. With an upscale wagon and fine dining options, this train is an experience for those who enjoy traveling while enjoying fine things in life.



4. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Xining to Lhasa, Chine


If there is a train route that could literally take your breath away the Qinghai- Tibet railway would be it. Sitting at times at 5,000 meters above the sea level, some altitude sickness might happen but it will surely be worth the amazing experience. Connecting Xining in China all the way to Lhasa in Tibet, this is the highest railway in the world with some of the most treacherous views you will ever see making the experience one not to be missed.



5. The Reunification Express Hanoi to Da Nang, Vietnam

Starting in Hanoi the Reunification Express runs across the country of Vietnam right down to Ho Chi Minh City in the south. The railway was somehow bruised by American bombs during the Vietnam War but resumed a regular service after the country’s reunification in 1976. Cutting through the capital city, the trail offers amazing views into the backs of houses of  Vietnamese families, before emerging into beautiful sunshine the following morning. Cutting for miles through the jungle, whit banana trees flapping against the windows, the train comes within inches of villagers’ walls and gardens, so close you can make eye contact and wave at them. At the final part, the train curls around the clifftops overlooking the South China Sea where a finger of golden sand runs along the edge of the water at Lang Co Bay, before finally arriving at its last stop at Da Nang station.


6. The Rupert Rocket Jasper to Prince Rupert, Canada

The Rupert Rocket travels from Jasper National Park in Alberta all the way deep into British Columbia, where few Canadians or anyone else has ever been. With trains departing three days a week the train route winds up northwest, passing by snow-covered Mount Robson – considered the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies – the Cariboo Mountains and armies of Douglas can also be seen marching down the hillsides. Running along the edge of beautiful lakes, under deep blue skies, it is common for passengers to see white-tailed deer, elk, moose, and bald eagles. Passing through many tiny stations named Kwinitsa, Vanderhoof, and Penny which is home to only 10 people and a number of dogs – before arriving at its final destination in Prince Rupert.


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