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One of the perfect combinations of epic and majestic views, Jordan’s scenic beauty is not just confined to historic sites or desert adventures. Although the ancient country is a part of the Middle East region that is famous for its magnificent deserts, it is home to a number of exotic and relaxing beaches as well. With beaches like the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, the country has a lot to offer if you want to reinvigorate and rejuvenate in the sand, sea, and sun.


That is to say, Jordan, with its secluded hotspots to breathtaking beaches, makes a perfect destination for your summer holidays. 


Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful beaches in Jordan.

The Best Beaches in Jordan


Amman Beach


Clean sand and tranquil water are the defining attributes of this incredibly beautiful beach. Amman beach is one of the most traveled holiday destinations of Jordan. The stunning shoreline has unblemished sand that extends along the clear waters.  The warm sun and crystal-clear water make it an ideal place for snorkeling. Tons of vacationers visit Amman beach throughout the year, making it a bustling shoreline.

This Jordanian beach is tourists’ preferred holiday spot as it is in the capital city. It is located on the Dead Sea - one of the famous salt lakes in Jordan. That is the reason why the flux of vacationers and tourists is often high on Amman beach.


You can bath in the salty water that is known to have some amazing healing powers for both the human body and skin. It is the high salt concentration that allows visitors to swim freely without having to worry about drowning.

Coral Beach


If you are looking for some peaceful time, there is no better choice than Coral beach.  Although this serene beach offers everything that other Jordanian beaches have, it is the tranquility in the environment that sets it apart from other shorelines. You can succumb to the beautiful sights, away from the crowds and bustling city. Engross in the wonders of scenery without any intervention or interference.

The tranquil beach is at the Coral shoreline of Aqaba, which is the best resort in Jordan. The shallow and crystal clear waters offer the best way to see the beautiful coral reefs and sea creature. Plus, if you are fond of scuba diving, the shoreline is full of reef formations, making your diving experience spectacular and giving you some great chances to explore the seabed.

South Beach


South Beach is also known as Aqaba Beach as it is just a 30- minute drive away from the Jordanian port city, Aqaba. Over the past few years, the beach has become tourists’ hotspot.


Since the historic city of Aqaba is burrowed around the sea, South beach provides the perfect beach experience to the visitors. The turquoise blue waters and marine life are some other attractive features of South beach.

Like Coral beach, this beautiful Jordanian shoreline is popular for its vivid coral reef formations. Many tourists and scuba drivers visit the south beach to explore a splendid undersea attraction and wonders.


If you are not a professional scuba driver, don’t worry as the diving school near the South beach will help you unleash the sea wonders. It gives scuba lessons to amateur divers to enrich their underwater experience and to explore awe-inspiring sea life.

Berenice Beach


The beach is for the vacationers who want to enjoy beach-life in Jordan in a royal way. That means the luxurious Berenice Beach club is one of the high-end deals as it is a private resort.  It is amenity-rich and allows you to experience the lavish beach life in Jordan.  From well-maintained swimming pools, spas, volleyball courts to hot water Jacuzzis, the beautiful beach resort has everything.

In addition to all these amenities, the Berenice beach has an amazing range of water sports to indulge in, such as jet skiing, inner tubing, and scuba diving. Commuting in the resort is a breeze with its modern shuttle bus services.

Wadi Mujib


While you cannot categorize it as an actual sea, watching the Dead Sea through a pristine river is something definitely worth experiencing.


Wadi Mujib is a famous Jordanian river that leads to the Dead Sea. It passes through the scenic landscapes and Canyons in the country. The river banks get wide when it reaches the Dead Sea with some large sand spots on the shores. The combination has made Wadi Mujib an unofficial beach in the region. 

These spots are just forty minutes away from the shores of the Dead Sea and have become a not-to-miss attraction for a lot of young tourists. Walking through the crystal-clear waters in the Canyon is not less than an adventurous excursion trip.  This undeniably makes one of the best ways to relish the beauty of the Dead Sea in its glory.

Bottom Line


Jordanian beaches are the major attractions in the country and offer amazing holiday experience with their clean water, perfect ambiance, and a range of coral reefs. 

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