For those who have traveled a little, it is easy to understand just how beautiful Planet Eart is. 

Every single continent on our planet has its own natural properties, with its own special plants, an infinite amount of colors, and its different animals.

So what are the animals that can only be found in their own designated countries? 

Here is a list of 10 amazing animals that you would have to travel to ever see it with your own eyes:


Vancouver Island Marmot — Vancouver Island, Canada


Only found in the ice-cold country of Canada this cute but naughty large marmot can only be seen in the mountains of Vancouver Island In British Columbia. Being part of the squirrel family they live in the burrows, only eat plants, and take it very easy for 210 days of the year while hibernating.




Tree Lobsters — Ball’s Pyramid, Australia


Not exactly a lobster, these gigantic black sticks looking insects are the rarest insect in the world and today can only be found in the wild Ball’s Pyramid territory, in 2001 there were only 24 of them in total but now its is possible to find them in zoos all over the world.



Kangaroo Rat — Santa Cruz, California, USA


This cutie pie called Kangaroo rat can only be found in the sandhills of sunny Santa Cruz in California. They are very important for the ecosystem of the whole area as they help the plants to grow while burying seeds in an attempt to save them for later, this adorable animal is a lifesaver for his fellow animals around.



Marine Iguana — Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


Surprisingly good swimmers the Marine Iguana can only be found in the Galapagos Islands. Being the only one of their kind to be able to swim and their paws were genetically improved with time to make them faster in the water, by being able to hold their breath for an hour underwater and by having special glands that are able to sneeze out the salt they ingested in the saltwater, these guys are the ultimate Olympic swimmers. 



Gelada — Ethiopia


Only found in the highlands of Ethiopian in the African Continent, these fluffy pink bellied monkeys called Gelada spend most of their time on the ground eating the chilled grass, seeds, roots, and also insects.



Brookesia Micra — Nosy Hara, Madagascar


Considered the world’s smallest chameleon, the Brookesia Micra was discovered in 2012 on an island off the coast of Madagascar. To the most, they can reach 29mm which is the size of the tip of your finger.



Thorny devil — Australia


Despite being a considerably small creature, this Thorny Devil is only found in Australia and he does not let his size affect his cool. His attitude is calm and collected as he walks the walks of life. He is able to drink water through its body, with the help of straws located between its scales.



Wilson’s bird of paradise — Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Only found on two islands in the country of Indonesia, wigeon, and Batanta, Wilson’s bird of paradise is really one of a kind and he knows it.



Texas blind salamander — Edwards Aquifer, Texas, USA


Living in total darkness and in total blindness, the Texas Blind Salamander can only be found in the dark waters of Edward’s Aquifer in Texas USA. Despite having eyes or any skin color they are still great hunters as they can sense vibrations from their prey and the sound produced by their movement.

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