Egypt Pyramids
Egypt has more than 100 pyramids, each one has a unique diffrent story. The pyramids helps us in knowing about life in Ancient Egypt in a better way.

ABU- Rawash, located in the continuation of Gebel el-Ghigiga. The archaeological area of Abu Rowash, which belongs to the very northern part of the necropolis at Memphis, joins various sites together which date back to the Early Dynastic period, to the Coptic period. 

ABU-SIR, an archaeological locality on the western bank of the Nile River, approximately 25kilometers (15 miles) southwest of Cairo. It is a part of the necropolis of ancient Memphis consisting of several pyramids of the fifth Dynasty.

The Meidum Pyramid lies at the western bank of the Nile River; 65 kilometers south of Cairo. A step Mastaba and a royal cemetery were constructed there from the transitional years of the third to fourth dynasty.

The first ‘true’ pyramid to be constructed was the Step Pyramid of King Djoser. It was built from many stone mastabas (steps) placed on top of one another. The famous architect and surgeon, Imhotep, was the mastermind behind its construction. The entire funerary complex consisted of the pyramid, the temple used for worship as well as many buildings built to show the king’s absolute power.

Do you know how Egypt pyramids were built? The first step in building a pyramid was to choose a suitable site.This had to be on the west side of the Nile because the west was where the sun set and where the dead were thought to enter the underworld.

The pyramid complex of Pepi I was built as the ancient Egyptians believe in resurrection. Pepi I and his family were buried in this pyramid complex according to the ancient Egyptian concept of life after death.
Both the South Mazghuna Pyramid and the North Pyramid are attributed, solely on the grounds of a few bits of structural and archeological evidence, to Queen Sobekneferu.
Despite the fact that this is the first pyramid complex to break with a long tradition that started with the reign of Snofru, it is very badly documented and almost no research was done there. This leaves us with a very crude map, which is very likely incomplete and inaccurate.
In the King-list Khaba is called Hudjefa. His pyramid is the so-called Layer Pyramid at Zawiyet el-Aryan. The pyramid is a step pyramid in the early stages of construction. Get more information about this Khaba pyramid with Memphis Tours!
lahun is the name of a modern village located near the opening of the Hawara Channel from the Nile Valley into the Fayum basin. Explore more about Lahun Pyramid with Memphis Tours!
It is located at meidum , 80 km to the South of Memphis , on the Westbank of the Nile , to the East of the Fayum oasis. the original builder of this Step Pyramid was  Huni. Learn more about this Pyramid now with Memphis Tours!
The pyramid is located about 100m south of Userkaf's pyramid, which is located at Sakkara. It was built for Neferhetepes who was a queen of Userkaf. Explore the secrets of Neferhetepes Pyramid through Memphis Tours!
Pyramid of Netjerkhet is Standing 60 metres high, Netjerikhet's Step Pyramid, the oldest pyramid-like monument built in Egypt, was the centrepiece not only of the Netjerikhet complex but of the entire Saqqara area. Discover it now with Memphis Tours!
This pyramid is located at Abusir. It was built by King Raneferef, also known as Neferefre, who ruled for 3 or 4 years only during the 5th Dynasty. Recognize the story of Neferefre Pyramid through Memphis Tours!
Sahure is located at Abusir. It was built by Sahure, the 2nd king of the 5th dynasty who ruled Egypt for some 12 years. This pyramid was built as the ancient Egyptians believe in resurrection. Get more secrets about this Pyramid through Memphis Tours!
The unfinished pyramid of Sekhemkhet is located just southwest of the pyramid of Unas, at Sakkara. It was built by Sekhemkhet, who was a pharaoh of the 3rd Dynasty and ruled for about 9 years. Explore Sekhemkhet now with Memphis Tours!
Pyramid of Sesostris III is located at Dahshur, at some distance to the Northeast of Snofru's Red Pyramid . It was built by Sesostris III, who was the second king of the 12th Dynasty. Discover Sesostris Pyramid now through Memphis Tours!
Pyramid of Teti is located in Central Saqqara just south of the 1st dynasty mastabas and northeast of Userkaf's pyramid. It was built by Teti, the first king of the 6th dynasty who ruled Egypt for some 32 years. Explore Teti Pyramid with Memphis Tours!
It is located at Sakkara at the northeast of Djoser's complex. It was built by pharaoh Userkaf ,first king of the 5th Dynasty wh ruled Egypt for 7 years. Find the story of Userkaf Pyramid through Memphis Tours!