Weird Christmas traditions .

Of course, now you are wondering about the title of the blog! Who doesn't love the Christmas vibes and new year's eve? Have you ever heard about some weird Christmas traditions? In this article, we will take you on an imaginary trip around the world to discover the weird Christmas events. Just prepare your popcorn and be ready!  

Let's start our journey with the strangest Christmas traditions around the world with the next amazing spots: 

  • A Krampus Run, Australia
  • The yule lads' traditions in Iceland
  • KFC weird Christmas in Japan
  • The Legand of La Befana in Italy
  • Legend of ChrismasSpider in Ukraine
  • Nights of the Radish carving in Mexico
  • The Unusual Roller Skate Mass in Caracas
  • The Christmas Pickle ornament in Germany
  • The Christmas Festive Sauna in Finland
  • Shoes by the Fire Christmas in the Netherlands

Weird Christmas traditions:

A Krampus Run in Australia


It's a weird tradition in Australia, in which the Australian people run and get chased by creepy Christmas demons! They act like these Christmas monsters are a threat and the kids act too like this and start to run and escape, also they have another weird tradition that Santa makes a list for the naughty children and makes them feel fear about the Krampus Run to escape. Almost all the countries in Australia and the neighboring countries celebrate the Krampus Run on December 5th. Those horrifying demons wear half goats and start to go through the streets to scare the kids.

The yule lads' traditions in Iceland


It's an old legend in Iceland, the Yule lads are a group of 13 ghosts or monsters who steal and chase the citizens of Iceland. they start to come to the town one by one at the end of the year, mainly eating the last 13 nights of the year! They take turns in the visit if the country and start to chase kids who leave their shoes in front of their apartment doors. And about the good kids, they give them sweets and candies.


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The Legand of La Befana in Italy


The Legend of La Befana in Italy is Italian folklore, It's about a witch that comes in the morning to give the good kids and the good people treats, this witch is called a wine-drinking witch. But this doesn't mean that it's an alcoholic antie! She just called herself that, she visits Italy districts at January 5 and spent Christmas touring the country streets gives all the good children treats from the baby Jesus and giving the bad ones punishments! So weird, Right?


KFC weird Christmas in Japan

KFC branch in Japan is a very unique and outstanding one, all around the world know that! But what is the relation between KFC restaurant and Japanese Christmas? In fact, Christmas in Japan means KFC! In the beginning, the Christmas festivals in Japan weren't big and huge enough and the people there didn't always celebrate but KFC starts to make new years eve more different and exceptional, since 1970, KFC starts to add its touch to the Christmas celebrations in Japan by making the families went into the decorated fried chicken trucks and get the fried chicken theme the main theme in Japan at the Christmas. 

Legend of Chrismas Spider in Ukraine


In Ukraine, Poland and Germany, there is an ancient tradition for If you find a spider or a spider web on a tree on Christmas, it is considered good luck for you. The Ukrainian people start to decorate all the streets at this time of the year with decorations of spider web to gain luck for the country. Also, they start to create a large tree made from paper and wire in the shape of "little spiders" and called it "Pavuky" which refers to the origin of the legend! In my opinion, it's a really amazing tradition to share in.


Nights of the Radish carving in Mexico


Every year, especially on the 23rd of December, Oaxaca the Mexican city starts to announce the Night of the Redish. It's a Christmas time festival that mainly creates a craving date for the imaginary monsters, which everyone creates his own dish with a lot of amazing and unique creations and with his/her ingredients and let the Nights of the Radish carving date begin!

The Unusual Roller Skate Mass in Caracas


In Caracas, especially in Venezuela, all the people are allowed to roller skate in the streets of the city as all the streets are closed off at 8 am on the week before Christmas time. This amazing tradition helps people to be freer to skate in the streets without feeling any danger. I think this is one of the best traditions around the world as it encourages the citizens to do some kind of sport. 


The Christmas Pickle ornament in Germany


In Germany and other neighboring countries, they make a Christmas tree with hidden pickles! This funny tradition is for the one who will find the hidden pickles in the tree, he will get a reward or a big fortune in the next year, this Christmas time tradition originated from Spain.

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The Christmas Festive Sauna in Finland


In Finland, they have a very strange tradition! They prepare their Sauna rooms to be scary dark places filled up with dead ancestors! I think this tradition is exclusive only for the class A people in Finland as not all of them have a sauna in their houses. This sauna tradition is a very important event there.


Shoes by the Fire Christmas in the Netherlands


Every year in the Netherlands, especially on December 5th, the dutch children start to leave one shoe out in the fireplace or sometimes on the window by singing Santa's songs in the hope of that Santa clause filling them with gifts and rewards.  


These weird and strange Christmas traditions around the world might inspire you to deviate from the same old celebration. Plus, it's something interesting because they made a source of new and inspirational ideas for the Christmas holiday celebration. Be ready for changing the old traditions.

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