Our planet is beautiful, with exquisite nature, and has so much abundance and variety. Planet Earth is God’s most amazing creation and it only takes a few google searches to see some of our planet's most breathtaking sceneries.


But planet earth is suffering the effects and consequences of our choices and living style. In the past 50 years since the Industrialization period, humans have consumed more resources than any other time in history. If things continue that way, humanity might be in serious problems and the world would change drastically.


So what are the things you can do to be a more ecologic friendly traveler?


Since traveling is not something we are willing to give up on but with a little conscious choice then we just might be able to minimize the effects that traveling have in the ecosystem



So here are 10 tips to become an ECO-friendlier Traveler for Sustainable Travel:



1.  Avoid Plastic Bags or Really Plastic Anything


We can't mention enough just how much plastic has changed our beautiful planet. It is well known that plastic now is one of the main concerns of bioscientists and those who work hard to try to save our planet.


Plastic destroys millions of marine lives every year and pollutes our planet. It's known that millions of tons of plastics are in the environment just as a waste especially in the oceans and seas.


So whenever you purchase something while traveling or on everyday life be conscious if an option with less plastic is available as wrapping or packaging, if you can avoid plastic altogether by saying no to plastic bags or plastic forks, require for no wrapping and request for paper packagings instead.



2. Buy and Shop Locally helping Ecotourism Destinations


Huge franchises are everywhere you travel these days. Mall strips and big commercial centers all over the world are sure to have a Starbucks a Kfc and a McDonalds, but to ensure quality and consistency these franchised have most of their products imported which leads to high carbon emission so whenever you traveling choose to eat and shop at a local small business, that's a way more authentic experience and you will get to enjoy and purchase things you just can't buy anywhere else.



3.  Don’t Pack Too Much


When traveling, packing is a huge factor related to gas emission so pack light as the heavier your luggage the heavier the plane and the heavier the plane the more gas emission will be released into our beautiful planet.


Pack smart and take only necessary items for an ultimate great time, and you might even save on cheaper flights and easier transportation since you will have less weight to carry.



4. Choose Public Transportation


When it comes to choosing transportation you can save a great deal on gas emission if you choose to go public. Public transportation can carry several people but if you are traveling in private transportation that means one car for one or two people so to save on carbon emission and a few hundred bucks too.



5.  Travel by Land Whenever you Can


One of the biggest carbon emission parts of traveling is taking a flight so whenever you have the option to travel by land instead of by air then that's the best choice you can make into being more eco friendly while traveling.



6.  Avoid Bottled Water, Pick Green / Ecofriendly Hotels


Plastic bottles require up to 700 years to dissolve. 90% of the cost of bottled water is the bottle itself. 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled, and those are only a few facts about the HUGE problem that bottled water has become to our ecosystem, so when traveling pack your own water bottle and refill it on the available water stations available to where you are traveling to.



7.  In Natural Reserves Stick to The Path


Natural Reserves are usually areas of protected endangered animal and plant species so these areas should be enjoyed with caution and care. If you are a lover of hiking in natural environments make sure to stick to the path set by the Natural reserves and authorities that will ensure your safety and the safety of the wildlife living in the environment. Some plants might be poisonous and endangered so walking out path could endanger your life most likely kill precious living beings who are in the process of recuperation.



8.  Treat Your Hotel Like Your Home


When it comes to all the comforts of staying in a hotel room we all like to enjoy them all but being a little conscious while spending time in a hotel could really help our planet when it comes to our ecosystem. Simple things such as using the same towel every day, turning off the AC as you leave, and saving on lights that you don't really need can make a huge difference to our planet.



9.  Choose Carbon offset Adventures


Many Travel agencies have the Carbon Offset Adventures package for those trying to have less impact on the earth while traveling. Doing a bit of research on this topic will be able to give you a range of creative ideas on how to have lots of fun while minimizing your carbon emission into our beautiful planet.



10.  Eat In Instead of Take-outs


Take out seems like a really convenient option but when we take into consideration the amount of plastic and trash we create by consuming enough food for only a few hours, take outs just don't make sense. So whenever you are traveling, stop for a little and sit down at a nice restaurant for a meal, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings by taking your time to observe the horizon around you, your meal will taste much better and the planet will highly appreciate it.


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