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The Dead Sea is one of the mystical Nature's wonders that never fails to surprise first-time visitors. The salt-laden water of this mysterious yet majestic lake is truly a manifestation of extreme conditions for the rest of the world. With glistening turquoise hypersaline water, beautiful salt crystals cropping out of the surface and magnificent backdrop of sand-colored hills, Dead Sea is a unique destination on the planet that you ought to have in the bucket-list. 


Did you know that you could float effortlessly on the surface of the Dead Sea? Due to the presence of exceptionally high salt content, you won't have to swim in this salt-laden lake that’s 430 m below the sea level. Sitting at the lowest point of the planet with ten times more salinity than the seawater, Dead Sea has been an epitome of inexplicable wondrous of Mother Nature for eons. Here we've master-crafted the benefits this incredible lake brings on your table on your Jordan vacations with Memphis Tours.


Take delight in leisurely floating


The Dead Sea is the perfect place for you to gain the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of floating upon the  1 deposit casino  hyper-saline water. While you revel in this incomparable experience, you will realize that the water that flows into the Dead Sea has no exit to flow out. Yes, the water flows in and gets evaporated! 

This simplifies why there's an unbelievably high density of salt that leads to the buoyant force. As soon as your legs are in the water, you will experience the incredible buoyant force that makes you feel as if you are being pushed up. Your body will be as light as the feather and that's the lightest you will ever be and feel on the Earth.


Perfect salty-beachy experience


To just lay back, relax and enjoy the treasured holiday in the perfect is a dream come true for many of us. With soaring summer temperature, year-round hot dry climatic conditions and pristine beaches, Dead Sea is the hotspot where travelers flock in droves for allowing their body to just rest, relax and get rejuvenated. 

What's more? The answer: with expansive beaches complemented with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, you definitely won't regret your decision to be at the Dead Sea for your annual vacation. From vibrant oriental ambiance to fancy restaurants to lively bars, you won’t get disappointed spending time at famous beaches, like Zohar Hot Springs Beach and Biankini Beach, dotted along the shore of the Dead Sea. Additionally, you’ll get amazed at the extraordinary sight of visitors floating leisurely upon the crystal water as they flip through the glossy pages of the magazine or take multiple selfies.


Unveil the secret to beauty


One thing you must do when you are marveling at the extraordinary beauty of the Dead Sea is to slather yourself in the mineral-infused black mud of the lake. Every visitor to this mysterious destination ensures to cover themselves in the mud that's internationally acclaimed for its other-worldly, magical beauty-enhancing qualities. After all, the top-secret to evergreen beauty lies under a mud bath.


Did you know that Cleopatra used to make a visit to the Dead Sea and enjoy the healing bathe because of the amazing therapeutic and beauty properties? The minerals present in the Dead Sea have earned quite some fame for maintaining youthful skin after taking care of skin problems like acne, psoriasis and skin inflammation. Additionally, the skin is believed to witness tremendous changes if you religiously soak your face and body in the water flooded with Dead Sea salt.


Get free therapeutic treatment


Many visitors decide to make a trip to the Dead Sea not just to soak in the extraordinary touristic ambiance but to naturally treat them of various health problems. Due to the unique combination of the Dead Sea minerals, reduced ultraviolet radiation from the sun and uncommon geographical location, the region of Dead Sea is believed to have a transformational positive impact on the traveler's mind and soul. In fact, it is famously referred to as the largest natural spa in the world. 


A step closer to getting flawless skin


With decreased content of pollens, various allergens in the surrounding and richer oxygen level, the visitors will experience their body soaking in the healing properties when in the mysterious land of Dead Sea. The mineral-infused black mud is renowned for its antibacterial and hyperemic values that do wonders for the human skin.



Additionally, the presence of Epson salt in abundance aids in the recovery of skin as it is widely acknowledged in containing antiseptic properties. Did you know that the nourishing black mud can treat the flare-ups of eczema due to the presence of bromide, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals? Because of this inimitable combination that results in quick recovery, travelers have even titled the place to be a haven of healing.


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